November 17, 2009

FREE Seminar: How to Get Elected Alderman

Dear neighbors,

Are you thinking of running for alderman? Do you want to help someone else get elected? Get your ground game in order!

The special prosecutions unit of the Cook County States Attorney's office is holding a FREE SEMINAR on how to get elected alderman in Chicago, entitled:

People v. Eapen & Ramos

Please consider sitting in on this important court proceeding.

Defendants have waived their right to a jury trial. This will come down to one man's decision. Your presence and attention in court will be noted.

Illinois is the wild, wild west. Prosecutions of public corruption by our County States Attorneys are very difficult and very rare. Here the special prosecutions unit is going to bat for our right to representation. They need our support, even if you have just a very short time to spare. They resume Tuesday, December 1.

26th & California - Room 706 - Courtroom of Judge Marcus R. Salone

By public transportation
  • take the Green line west to California and the California bus 94 south
  • or from Madison anywhere downtown or from the Metra stations take the Blue Island bus 60 west
Cafeteria w/ salad bar on the 2nd floor. Make a day of it. Thanks!


geofredo said...

wow never any comments here.

anyways there is fresh tagging on one of the vacant buildings on fargo just east of paulina
extensive tagging

geofredo said...

Alot of anger around howard
the past week i was driving north on clark and by the howard intersection a native was
passively aggressively walking very slowly after the light turned green, hmmm never seen this before

the jeep cherokee honked and this enraged the man who felt it was his right to hold up traffic cuz i am so goddamn important, or rather just pissed at the world in general or the fact that his neigborhood isnt a ghetto under a glass dome, a perpetual neverending slum.

hunh? people dont like change, but hey the more things change the more they stay the same.

Whenever I see this behavior I laugh inside because I wonder what the previous residents in the early eighties thought of the new low income people in north of howard.

did they embrace them with open arms? or did they head for the hills or give them dirty looks?

I always laugh when some people feel "hey its my neigborhood"
well, change does happen,
shifts occur to make the neigborhood worse or better.

they never stay the same forever

Toni said...

Thanks for the graffiti update and the driver/pedestrian story. It's about 50/50. If the drivers aren't blowing a stop sign as though pedestrians and laws don't exist - there are pedestrians who think they're invincible in the path of a few hundred pounds of steel. It happens all over the city - not just North of Howard.

The North Coast said...

As a pedestrian, I try to do my part by walking briskly across the street on the green or walk light, and waiting until the light is in my favor. I also don't take it for granted that cars will stop at the stop line just because I have the light, the right of way, and am crossing in front of them.

But I wish the drivers would do their part. Rogers Park drivers are not bad. They're really more courteous around here than in other areas with more traffic. Lakeview and Uptown are HORRIBLE pedestrian death traps.

Note to drivers: just because you can turn right on red doesn't mean you have the right to roll right over the pedestrian in front of you who is crossing on the walk light. Maybe it's time to put an end to right turn on red and allow NO movement on red, so the pedestrians have a fighting chance. I have come within inches of being mowed straight down in Uptown by a)morons flying around corners on red lights without even slowing down, even though I'm virtually in front of the car, b)cretins exiting bank and fast food drive-ups at 20mph while I'm walking down the sidewalk that crosses the drive, and c)maniacs on bicycles on the sidewalks.

The pedestrian to rank at the bottom of the hierarchy of consideration. Give us a chance, people. I'm not young and I can't jump clear that fast.