November 30, 2009

Update on Crime

LEN’s info on the recent safety meeting article by: Felicia Dechter

Yep, Howard has improved…somewhat. There have been a few bad buildings turned around thanks to citizen uproar for years. The Broadmoor and the Broadmoor East were big issues when I moved here 7 years ago. Thanks to neighbors diligence – there has been change in those two buildings. Yep, it’s a work in progress.

Much of the progress on cleaning up issues started with citizens who doggedly returned year after year to building court. Needless to say, there seemed to be a pattern of slumlord friendly judges ladling out continuances like Halloween candy.

If/When we learn there has been a meeting of the minds with certain building managers of certain properties to adhere to HUD’s rules, we will cheer – a little. If the ward office and legal system would like to give the citizens a little break – or a little recognition for the work done and work yet to be completed – that would be appropriate.

Our Beat Meeting is every second Thursday of the month at 7 pm at the Gateway Senior Apartments where one can get updated on the troubled buildings that need to be turned around. The ward office is always welcome and encouraged to send a representative.

November 25, 2009

The Best Dancer?

My houseguests always watch Dancing With The Stars – so we settled in with comfort food for the two hour finale. The clips of those who were bounced off the show only provided proof to us that several who lost were much better dancers than the ‘star’ who won! I wasn’t sure that was Donny Osmond on the screen – not visible from any camera angle was the signature toothy smile. He appeared expressionless most of the time. Dancing is FUN – smile, live it up. Maya had the moves, energy, and the camera loved her. Kelly was impressive too…but Donny won…

Watch clips here

Is this show a popularity contest or a best dancer contest? At least he's smiling on GMA.

November 23, 2009

Community Alert - District 24

Sorry about the poor quality...anyway, there's a thief on the loose who enters and exits through unlocked doors and windows. Please make sure your doors and windows are securely locked and outside areas are well lit. He has also been known to break small glass panes on exterior doors to gain entry.


He generally strikes in late at evening or early morning hours when victims are sleeping. Some witnesses have described him as 6'3", light complexion, wearing dark clothing.

Contact Area 3 Robbery/Theft Division at 312 744 8623 if you have any information.

Do Not Call Registry

Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month

REMEMBER: Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month.

REMINDER..... all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.


To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.

It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time.. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON .. It takes about 20 seconds

You can verify by calling back and follow the prompts or check online. I blocked my land line as well. Again.

November 22, 2009

Our Best Friends

It's a beautiful Sunday - here is a happy post!

Meet Mr. Burns who loves cameras.

Mr. Burns

Sophie is a beautiful calico who loves the outdoors – and has a very wise mother.

Sophie The Mighty Sophie

Then there’s this little fellow who discovered the warm dryer. Naughty boy.

Dryer Inspector

This is someone’s pet tree on Sheridan Road.

Tree on Sheridan

November 21, 2009

It's All A Big Lie - File This Too

Around 6:30 pm last night, four loud gunshots rang out. Neighbors saw people running both north and south on Bosworth. Several squads responded to multiple 911 calls immediately. They stopped some who were running – but no arrests were made. Those who were briefly detained may know why shots rang out – but will keep the code of silence. About 30-45 minutes later, the squads were back on Jonquil – purpose unknown.

New residents who either plunked down $300K for a home or just moved into apartments are a little disturbed by the incident. They’re also uneasy at being approached on Howard to purchase drugs. The big ask is part of the initiation of being new to the hood. As one repeatedly ignores the question or says ‘I’m good’ or ‘I’m straight’ the hope of a new client fades away for the dealers. It’s déjà vu for many of us. The big misleading story about how the neighborhood has changed…..

There’s little need for anyone to deny much of what happens North of Howard – especially when it hits the media.

While the area may not be as horrific as it was15 years ago, there’s no need to get complacent – complacency is misleading and dangerous. Just ask anyone who’s been knocked down and robbed in Rogers Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park or anywhere in Chicago. Many were hooked up to iPods, talking on cell phones, not paying attention to their surroundings, or out alone in the early morning hours. They were walking targets.

One can be a walking target at 6:30 pm if the characters of the neighborhood or their tourist friends have issues and fire shots as the solution.

No offense but the politicians, the agencies, and their supporters who cling to their belief that they’re doing positive things here claim the bloggers are ruining it with their negativity (truth). Gunshots, drugs and gangs aren’t imaginary or lies – they’re real. What’s negative – people dealing with the truth or the people trying to brush it under the rug?

Rug brushing is the old political blame game played by the ones who don’t live here. The other excuse now is the economy – what was the excuse when the economy was soaring?

November 19, 2009

Anne Sullivan on Moore's Friends & Family Plan

Click on the Download the data button for a fascinating spreadsheet!

Ward Last name First name Total amount paid Year
49 Sullivan Anne M $26,534.40 2008

Friends & family fund for Chicago aldermen

Shadowy $1.3 million payroll helps them get around ban on patronage hiring

By Hal Dardick and Ellen Gabler, TRIBUNE REPORTERS, November 19, 2009
As City Hall struggles to pay for basic services, a stealth budget account worth millions has allowed Chicago aldermen to put family members, campaign operatives and those with political baggage on yet another taxpayer-funded payroll.

November 17, 2009

FREE Seminar: How to Get Elected Alderman

Dear neighbors,

Are you thinking of running for alderman? Do you want to help someone else get elected? Get your ground game in order!

The special prosecutions unit of the Cook County States Attorney's office is holding a FREE SEMINAR on how to get elected alderman in Chicago, entitled:

People v. Eapen & Ramos

Please consider sitting in on this important court proceeding.

Defendants have waived their right to a jury trial. This will come down to one man's decision. Your presence and attention in court will be noted.

Illinois is the wild, wild west. Prosecutions of public corruption by our County States Attorneys are very difficult and very rare. Here the special prosecutions unit is going to bat for our right to representation. They need our support, even if you have just a very short time to spare. They resume Tuesday, December 1.

26th & California - Room 706 - Courtroom of Judge Marcus R. Salone

By public transportation
  • take the Green line west to California and the California bus 94 south
  • or from Madison anywhere downtown or from the Metra stations take the Blue Island bus 60 west
Cafeteria w/ salad bar on the 2nd floor. Make a day of it. Thanks!

November 15, 2009

Viaducts and Other Perspectives

Walking is not only great exercise but one gets a new perspective on things. Having a bad day? Take a long walk and go someplace new. My day was fine, but I wanted to explore the viaduct across from Calvary Cemetery. Sometimes they’re dirty or creepy but this one surprised me. Note, the Evanston government puts chicken wire under the railroad bridge and on the support beam to keep pigeons out. The sidewalk was pigeon poop free.

Chicken Wire Pigeon Barriers Chicken Wire Pigeon Barriers Poop Free Sidewalk

There’s a peaceful park on the other side of the viaduct. A dog was exercising his person and a father and son were playing catch.

GEDC0004 Peaceful Park

Homeward bound and more perspectives.

Diverging Railways Train Tracks

November 6, 2009