October 19, 2009

It's Just Skunk Spray You Smell

If you are re-directed to this site from one of the wacko’s of Rogers Park, here are some of the definitions of conservatism and liberalism. In wee minds, there is no room for the term moderation - let alone common sense.


"Political attitude or ideology denoting a preference for institutions and practices that have evolved historically and are thus manifestations of continuity and stability. Political doctrine that emphasizes the value of traditional institutions and practices."

All about Conservatism

"conservatism, in politics, the desire to maintain, or conserve, the existing order."


"Political and economic doctrine that emphasizes the rights and freedoms of the individual and the need to limit the powers of government."

All about liberalism

"Current liberal goals in the United States include integration of the races, sexual equality, and the eradication of poverty."

I suppose the latter would include a person questioning what happens to tax dollars? Or one being appalled at government takeovers, (privatization of public spaces) or lawmakers who still allow kids to drop out of school because it’s the right of a ‘child’?

That’s the first step in eradicating poverty – being allowed to drop out. Next step -starting a family without much education and little means to support it. Don't worry, link up with a reverend who insists everyone pray and protest and that will fix everything. That is as long as everyone agrees with the reverend and the politicians he/she is being supported by.

If that doesn’t smell of maintaining the status quo then it must just be skunk spray.
Or it could be cranking up of 2011 election agendas - when the terms ‘conservative, racist and republican’ are turned out by the wacko’s, I tend to see pink

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