October 26, 2009

Cracks In The Crock

Since Westgard apparently is in denial about many of his own issues, let me clarify a few things as much as possible. I realize that if I write ‘the sky is blue’ it will be interpreted to suit his agenda.

From Westgards attack on many people he doesn’t know and some that he does know, here is part and parcel of a second attack on me.

What Westgard fails to recognize or admit is that the blog post in question was not written by me nor by several other people he called out as a cartel. In his usual political drama of a broad brush bitch session he stated we were “a leftover appendage from the 2007 Don Gordon campaign….several of his political conservative supporters established the RPCofC.” Now that’s a real crock of of misinformation and lack of appropriate researching. I didn’t know any of the RPCofC officers or board members in 2007 or even in 2008 for that matter. But do facts matter when there’s a political agenda? Rarely.

Some of the other people he sprewed skunk spray on were Tom Mannis – I met him during the failed 2007 Ginderske campaign. If Westie’s memory was as sharp as he pretends, he would have recalled my asking him ‘who is Tom Mannis, is he here?’ at one of the so-called debates!

Lorraine Swanson – I met her in September, 2006 standing outside the tragic scene of a fire that took the lives of 6 children on Marshfield. She lived in a suburb then and during the 2007 election and was reporting for the News-Star. It was OK when she covered their campaign but not OK when she covered other candidates campaigns I guess. So the next untrue accusation comes by implying that as a suburbanite and reporter Swanson voted in ward 49.

Mike Luckenbach is a long-time resident in this area and I met him when the park council started up and met for years at Howard Area while awaiting the Willye White facility to be built. That was in 2003. And to correct Westgard’s misinformation – Luckenbach is on the Harold Washington Playlot Council and I am on the Willye White Park Council. We do meet as a group for all three parks but there is a definition of who is on which council.

In the first post, Westgard attacked his fellow-democrat Katy Hogan! Now that could be part of the drama or just filling in space. If I chose to overreach with my imagination I could say it was concocted and agreed that he would attack but it was only for the drama – not his true feelings. Hypothetical Scenario: “Hi Katy – I am going to continue where Jim left off on his newspaper article because we need to keep the 2011 candidate clean. Here’s my plan: I’ll do a broad brush attack and include you and Michael James but rest assured I won’t mean any of it. I just need to appear unbiased, OK? I’ll continue the attack to make sure everyone knows what an evil cartel they are but I am the anointed one to continue the article on my blog because Jim’s now a journalist.” Again, read it and comprehend it – the above is a hypothetical – maybe real, maybe not. But anything is possible.

The next misinformation came after Westgard apparently realized he hadn’t dotted his I’s and crossed his T’s.

“Fellow board member Toni Duncan has been similarly shifty in handling the scandal. Rather than directly address the behavior of a fellow board member, she posted a passive-aggressive post about "skunk smell," attempting to shift the responsibility to those who challenge her group's racism.

Toni Duncan attempts to describe her organization's racist behavior as some sort of politically moderate position.”

The first inkling I had that something was amiss was an October 14, 2009 comment Westgard left on 24/7. My post was about video gaming vs the lottery – his comment was unrelated to the subject. To use his own word, he shiftily got in touch with me through the blog to snark about the person he and Jim and all those anonymous people were insulted by. But he didn’t mention the issue. He just wrote that ‘grammar gal’ was no longer a co-blogger where the post appeared and that he hoped I would allow her to continue on my blog. For the record, grammar gal has never been involved as a contributor on my blog. She may have commented but has never been a contributor. Comprehend?

Neither of the boys contacted me via direct email or phone for my thoughts on the issue. But Westgard interpreted my post anyway he wanted. Just as his old banner used to state that he writes pretty much what he wants! Yet he calls me passive-aggressive?

I can only assume they didn’t contact me for many reasons. One being that I might not speak to them since they’ve been such nasty, harassing little boys and another would be that not getting my opinion would leave the field open to Westgard’s interpretations of what I think and for the name calling he loves so much.

My skunk post is my defense of Westgard’s attack on me, his labeling and name calling. My post isn’t about any organization or behavior or political position. As I wrote, when I see those three words he so liberally tosses around I am reminded of the pink post card which was purely political. I posted definitions of his favorite terms.

I have no control over what another person writes – including Westgard and Ginderske. Had my opinion been sought by the so-called journalists and had not met their expectations or approval then perhaps the attack on me might have been justified. But they didn’t and that window of opportunity is now closed to them. They slammed it on their own fingers.

Perhaps the next cartel article Jim and Tom write about could be their August, 2008 attempt to ‘take over’ Partners For Rogers Park by filing paperwork to create it as an incorporated Partners For Rogers Park NFP with Westgard as agent. The paperwork was filed without the groups knowledge or permission. When the group was informed after the fact there were some rather upset members. It was argued by attorney Westgard that not being incorporated was a liability. The individual groups contacted their own attorneys on the matter and ordered him to withdraw his filing as his arguments and thought processes were not valid.

That came after their attempt to take over the public park facility. Are there any patterns here or just coincidence?


Rogers said...

You always have to wonder about the angry little man who comes out from under his rock every now and then just to call everyone else racists.

That little boy needs help.

Al Iverson said...

Good post. BTW your old skool not-working-so-well Blogger template drives me nuts. Let me help you fix it some day?