September 10, 2009

Toddler is a 10

Toddy, not to be outdone by a mere outcast governor, has successfully reached a lower approval rating than Blago Boy according to a Chicago Tribune Poll.

Far be it from me to chuckle, snicker, and fume when the headlines roared through the computer screen about Stroger and the family antics. While there was another choice on the election ballot, people who follow one method of thinking picked the chosen Toddler. Now they’re suffering, whining and moaning. What did they expect – a change from the corruption?

Of the Democrats willing and ready to fill the vacancy – the ‘party liners’ chose Toddler, proclaimed him a hero and continued their scam. Are any of them paying dearly now? I certainly hope their pockets have been pinched…in fact, I hope there’s an imprint of a door on their arses long before the next election.

Following the herd is so passé.

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