September 12, 2009

How To Become a Party Pooper

"Early retirement, new government job, add another pension, retire again, get rehired again, and collect 75 percent to 85 percent of your combined salaries until you die!

No wonder governments are broke.

No wonder taxpayers, hunched over with the burden of paying the taxes to support these pensions, are broke!

No wonder the Illinois Legislature has made no significant moves to reform this system. Why kill their own golden goose?" Kudos to Carol Marin

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Isaac Marshall said...

In the Sun-Times, Daley rules out pension reform that includes ending double dipping. I wonder if that is because only the well connected can retire and then get another fat government paycheck.

In my opinion there are some logical changes to fix the problem. Raise the retirement age in many instances(Police or Fire are examples of exclusions). Change many of the professions benefits from a pension to a 401k. The unions will cry about this, but pensions should be the rare exception.,daley-pension-problem-solution-091509.article