September 29, 2009

Are Our Nursing Homes Safe?

For many adult children and their parents, the prospect of nursing homes is still a dismal reality to those final golden years. The quality, care, safety and clientele appears to have taken another direction according to a Chicago Tribune Watchdog report.

When state institutions were closed turning the mentally disabled onto the streets – the best solution the government and other institutions could come up with was – utilize nursing homes. Now, the institutions appear to be accepting convicted felons and sex offenders that are far from retirement age. But this isn’t being communicated to prospective clientele when researching for their elderly loved ones. But those government checks are in the mail.

Here’s a query and report for Nursing Homes in Rogers Park. There are instances when an elderly person will utilize a nursing home for a short period for rehab from a fall, or other illness. Their recovery is crucial to their return home. For the elderly and/or their offspring who aren’t rolling in dough, they may unknowingly turn to facilities who cater to society’s underage, not so qualified, undesirables.

For those who have experienced the heartbreak, guilt and frustration of nursing homes and Medicare’s insane rules must insult be added to injury?

Who is representing and protecting the elderly and our tax dollars? Anyone?

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