September 29, 2009

A Dream Without A Plan - Is Just A Wish

Another perspective from Lake Effect News by Lorraine Swanson

Are Our Nursing Homes Safe?

For many adult children and their parents, the prospect of nursing homes is still a dismal reality to those final golden years. The quality, care, safety and clientele appears to have taken another direction according to a Chicago Tribune Watchdog report.

When state institutions were closed turning the mentally disabled onto the streets – the best solution the government and other institutions could come up with was – utilize nursing homes. Now, the institutions appear to be accepting convicted felons and sex offenders that are far from retirement age. But this isn’t being communicated to prospective clientele when researching for their elderly loved ones. But those government checks are in the mail.

Here’s a query and report for Nursing Homes in Rogers Park. There are instances when an elderly person will utilize a nursing home for a short period for rehab from a fall, or other illness. Their recovery is crucial to their return home. For the elderly and/or their offspring who aren’t rolling in dough, they may unknowingly turn to facilities who cater to society’s underage, not so qualified, undesirables.

For those who have experienced the heartbreak, guilt and frustration of nursing homes and Medicare’s insane rules must insult be added to injury?

Who is representing and protecting the elderly and our tax dollars? Anyone?

September 28, 2009

Hiring Soon!





Rogers Park Library
6907 N. Clark
Chicago, IL 60626

Monday, September 28, 2009.....7:00 PM
Friday, October 2, 2009..............2:00 PM
Monday October 5, 2009............ 7:00 PM
Friday October 9, 2009............. 2:00 PM
Monday October 12, 2009...........7:00 PM
Friday October 16, 2009............ 2:00 PM
Monday October 19, 2009.......... 7:00 PM
Friday October 23, 2009............ 2:00 PM
Monday, October 26, 2009..........7:00 PM
Friday, October 30, 2009 ...........2:00 PM

Budlong Woods Library
5630 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60659

Friday October 2, 2009......... .....2:00 PM
Tuesday October 6, 2009........... 6:30 PM
Thursday October 15, 2009.........6:30 PM

For more information click the headline.

September 26, 2009

Willye White Park Dedication Ceremony

Willye B. White Park
1610 West Howard

Willye B White Center

Pre-event entertainment was provided by The Sullivan High School Steel Drum Band led by their instructor at the keyboard – Mr. George Goetschel.

Sullivan High Steel Drum Band George Goetchel, Sullivan High Steel Drum Band

Mrs. Maggie Daley arrived and was escorted into the building by Gale Academy Color Guard with other guest dignitaries. Former Olympians who knew Willye also attended the event.

Maggie Daley's Arrival Gale Academy Color Guard
Gale Academy Color Guard

Speakers in Lobby: Tim Mitchell, Joe Moore, Diane Simpson-Bundy, Bob Pickens,(tan shirt and hat) Eva McCann and of course, Mrs. Maggie Daley.

Tim Mitchell, Chicago Park District Joe Moore Diane Simpson-Bundy Eva McCann, WBW Park Council President

Mrs. Daley spoke if a young woman who won her first Olympic medal at the age of 16. Glancing at the mural in the lobby depicting the years White competed in Olympic events Daley noted what an inspiration she was to many through her years of service to youth in Chicago.

Maggie Daley Maggie Daley

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the group moved into the gymnasium where Mr. Pickens, Vice President of the Board of Commissioners for the Chicago Park District, 1964 Olympic Wrestler, former Chicago Bear and today’s Master of Ceremonies, introduced friends of Willye White who shared their memories and experiences with the audience.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky spoke of Ms. White’s life and tireless work with inner city youth and introduced Karissa Nixon. Karissa, 16, of our neighborhood read a message from President Obama congratulating the community on having a facility named for a woman who inspired people of all ages worldwide.

One notable remark was from Secretary of State Jesse White on our youth graduating to a higher level of education than SU – Street University - which brought applause.

Cynthia Williams, White’s cousin, read some of Willye’s favorite inspirational quotes she often used with the youth she worked with.

Other notable guests and friends of White were introduced by both Mr. Pickens and Mr. White which included Bob Love, Chicago Bulls Director of Community Affairs and Warner Saunders retired NBC5 news co-anchor, and Mickey Norton who helped make this day very special.

The event concluded with an outdoor performance by the Jesse White Tumblers and abundant and delicious refreshments donated by Rogers Park Restaurants.

Pre-Event Photos

Jesse White, Secretary of State Warner Saunders and Neighbor Lorna Garbutt

Bob Love, Mickey Norton, Warner Saunders and Warner Saunders Jr.

Dan Hibbler, Chief Program Officer, Chicago Park District Michael Harrington and Dan Hibbler

The Jesse White Tumblers.

Jesse White Tumblers Jesse White Tumblers
Perfect Balance - Jesse White Tumblers

September 24, 2009

Annual Rogers Park Garden Group Event

Stewards of the Earth love this annual fundraiser brought to them by the great people at Rogers Park Garden Group. The proceeds raised fund beautification projects throughout Rogers Park. It's a must attend event!

Willye B. White Dedication

Contact: Baxter Swilley


Community Comes Together to Honor an Olympic Hero and
Dedicate a Community Center

On Saturday, September 26 the Willye B. White Park Advisory Council will dedicate the new Willye White Recreational Center. This important event culminates a 12-year effort by Rogers Park community leaders to build a safe place for families and young people to play, learn and grow.

“After years of hard work to build a facility that could accommodate seniors, children and adults the community is excited to do a proper dedication of this building. The Park Advisory Council looks forward to working with the Chicago Park District to develop programs for the enrichment of this community,” said Eva McCann, President of the Willye B. White Park Advisory Council and a key leader in this effort.

Mickey Norton, Limited Partner with White Sox Organization and one of Willye’s best friends had this to offer: “I am thrilled that this Park will be a permanent legacy to the contributions she made to this city. Willye always said ‘believe it, achieve it.’ This community and this Park Advisory Council did believe it and we have now achieved it.”

This Chicago Park District facility was built with all the environmental bells and whistles, including energy efficient windows and solar panels.

Willye B. White was a five-time Olympian, two-time Silver Medalist and United States Olympic Hall Fame inductee. White, the first five-time U.S. Track Olympian, competed in every Olympics between 1956 and 1972. She spent 37 years working in city government as a health administrator, a director of recreational services and a creator of sports programs for young girls in housing projects. In 1991, she founded the Willye White Foundation to help children develop self-esteem.

"Willye White was a tireless advocate for Chicago youth and a fighter for justice in the world. I'm humbled by the opportunity to help honor her at the dedication of this Community Center, which is providing critical services and programs to working families," said Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who is confirmed to speak at the event.

The Congresswoman will be joined by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who as a personal friend of Willye’s will share his reflections on her life and the Park Advisory Council’s effort to generate hope and opportunity in the community. White and Schakowsky will be joined by several other elected officials and professional and Olympic Athletes.

At the event, just six days prior to the Olympic decision in Copenhagen, the Park Advisory Council will unveil a new photo display honoring one of America’s most accomplished Olympic athletes, the late Willye B. White.

Event Details:

Saturday, September 26
9:30 am – 12 Noon
Willye B. White Recreational Center
1610 West Howard Street, Chicago

Blog Note: Mickey Norton is also a member of the Park Advisory Council

September 23, 2009

Chicagohenge Friday

On Friday at sunrise (6:41 AM) or sunset (6:42 PM), stand in the middle of a broad east-west street and do your personal dance of praise, or the Sun Goddess may not come back in the Spring.

Chicagohenge: a biannual occurrence in which the setting sun aligns with the east-west streets of Chicago's main street grid.

September 19, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

The "Cancer Blows" Rogers Park 2nd Annual Survivors & Awareness Health Fair - noon to sundown at Jarvis and Greenview Ave. Beatles bands and other musicians perform, health screening, info, and fun.

September 18, 2009

UPDATE-Come To The Willye White Dedication Ceremony

You're invited to a dedication ceremony of the Willye White Center at 1610 W Howard Street in Rogers Park. Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 26.
BLOG NOTE: The time has changed to 9:30 AM

9.19.09 revision to_Willye_Flyer[1]

Please tell your friends and neighbors, print a flyer and tape to your door or fence. Help spread the word!

Also appearing will be: The Sullivan High School Steel Drum Band, The Jesse White Tumblers and Girls In The Game.

Stay tuned....

September 16, 2009

One Last Summer Ritual

If you are enjoying these beautiful days of summer – we have a special free gift for you!

It’s the annual ‘World Music Festival’ of Rogers Park.

Saturday, September 19

Willye White Park
1610 West Howard Street
Chicago IL 60626

What time?
11 am to 6pm

Performances by:

Rebel Roots Reggae
Yves Francois Et Rocambu Jazz
Demi Lobo
Nuestros Tambos
Kusun Ensemble

And other local acts

Remember Last Year?

Suddenly the park was full of people –people began dancing and it was a truly a grand finale!

September 12, 2009

How To Become a Party Pooper

"Early retirement, new government job, add another pension, retire again, get rehired again, and collect 75 percent to 85 percent of your combined salaries until you die!

No wonder governments are broke.

No wonder taxpayers, hunched over with the burden of paying the taxes to support these pensions, are broke!

No wonder the Illinois Legislature has made no significant moves to reform this system. Why kill their own golden goose?" Kudos to Carol Marin

September 11, 2009

NOH Walk Tonight

Greetings Neighbors and Friends,

Join us for another walk North of Howard this Friday, September 11th at 7:00 p.m.. We will meet in front of the Willye White Recreation Center, 1610 W. Howard.

All are welcome,

Eva McCann
CAPS Facilitor, Beat 2422

h: 773-761-8206
c: 773-495-8725

September 10, 2009

Toddler is a 10

Toddy, not to be outdone by a mere outcast governor, has successfully reached a lower approval rating than Blago Boy according to a Chicago Tribune Poll.

Far be it from me to chuckle, snicker, and fume when the headlines roared through the computer screen about Stroger and the family antics. While there was another choice on the election ballot, people who follow one method of thinking picked the chosen Toddler. Now they’re suffering, whining and moaning. What did they expect – a change from the corruption?

Of the Democrats willing and ready to fill the vacancy – the ‘party liners’ chose Toddler, proclaimed him a hero and continued their scam. Are any of them paying dearly now? I certainly hope their pockets have been pinched…in fact, I hope there’s an imprint of a door on their arses long before the next election.

Following the herd is so passé.

September 9, 2009

Moore votes to sustain our tradition of political corruption, favoratism, project cost over runs, and lack of oversight

Thank you, Mr. President.

I am going to cast my vote in support of this Olympic bid. I acknowledge the economic development potential that the Olympics bring, the real potential of tens of thousands of jobs and all of the economic spin off that will come from hosting the Olympics, the in-call can you label benefits of placing Chicago on the world map, of showcasing our beautiful lovely city to the rest of the world and all the tourist dollars that the Olympics will bring to our city, not only during the course of the Olympics themselves but also before and after the Olympics.

Our city has never made small plans. The Columbian Exposition, the Century of Progress, have left an indelible mark on our city's history. The Olympics and this day and age are the World's Fair of our time, and the hosting the Olympics gives the city of Chicago a real potential of becoming an even more world class city if you will. Having said all of that, I must say I did not come to this very easily. Even as early as this morning I did not know exactly how I was going to vote on this measure. While the Olympics have such great and wonderful potential for our city, I think we all have to acknowledge that there is a lot of anger in our community, communities, a lot of cynicism, and that anger and cynicism unfortunately is very well placed. While our city can boast a vibrant economy and a beautiful scenic lake front and a wonderful diverse culture, it also unfortunately bears the ugly stain of political corruption and favoritism and a history of project with cost over runs, so the public is right to be cynical. They have a right to be cynical about a legislative body that all too often is abdicated its responsibility as acting as a check on the executive branch, and all too often neglected to exercise its oversight powers. I comment my colleague Alderman Flores for bringing forth an ordinance and commend the administration, the Olympic committee for embracing most of it. I think there were a few key things left out of that unfortunately. I would like to have seen independent oversight for the Olympic bid and the Olympics from moving forward. However, the amount of information that will be made available as a result of this ordinance is unprecedented and my hope is that the public and the members of the press and perhaps, yes, even the members of this city council will be able to take that information and analyse it and make sure the Olympic bid remains on budget, that there are no cost over runs, and most importantly that the taxpayers are not left holding the bag. I think in the days and weeks and years ahead, I hope this council will take the oversight responsibility seriously, that there will be money set aside either from our budget or private foundations to really hire the kind of experts to make sure that the Olympic committee is doing its job. I will say I was quite heartened by the civic federation report. I think it highlights that not only is oversight and transparency good government, it is also good politics because this Olympic bid at least the support for it here locally was on the ropes because of the sudden about face shifts in our position about taxpayer liability. It was taking a third party, a respected independent agency, an organization to take a fresh look at the cost estimates and revenue estimates that gave me, and I believe others, the comfort to support this bid.

I will cast my vote in support of hope, in support of optimism, in support of what the Olympics can bring to our city, but with a wary eye cast on our city's ugly history of political corruption and -- the Olympics will light a new day, not only as the City of Chicago as a world-class city, but the way we conduct ourselves and spend the taxpayer's dollars.

Thank you very much.

Joe Moore
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 8, 2009

Free Parking - for Geese

The Pay to Park signs, meter covers and boxes have arrived on the barren landscape known as Howard Street.

Pay to Park On Howard

Notice the vacant, boarded up background of Howard Street and yet another detour sign. Omen or coincidence?

Gimme Your Credit Card and ID

Doesn’t Howard look even more desolate?

Deserted Howard Street Deserted Howard Street 2

At least for the time being, the flock of geese isn't being charged for parking and lounging in Willye White Park. Shhh…don’t let the backroom boys get any ideas!

Geese in Willye White Park

September 6, 2009

Futuristic Chicago and The Last 4 Miles

Visions of Futuristic Chicago from the Chicago Tribune.

In 1998, I wrote a letter to the mayor requesting all new construction have a thermal method to melt exterior ice. We have codes for fire sprinklers, and who knows what else, so why not ice safety? Every year chunks of ice and snow splat the sidewalks and streets. People must walk or drive under the protection of their god – which isn’t the City of Chicago.

A response was sent concerning falling mortar – which was an issue in the news in 1998. However, my letter was about falling ICE. It’s comforting to know our letters are read isn’t it? The super high buildings in the visions are excellent examples of more falling ice to add to the injuries below. Maybe a politician will jump on my idea?


A neighbor requested this information be posted: So be it.

September 10, Thursday, 5:30pm - 7:30 pm, reception at Loyola University for the Friends of the Park exhibit, “The Last Four Miles: Completing Chicago's Lakefront.” The exhibit is currently on display at Loyola University’s Crown Center through September 27th. The Crown Center Gallery is displaying the drawings, sketches, and plans, which, according to Friends of the Park, “is the result of architects working with citizens, park advisory councils and community organizations to plan the completion of Chicago's magnificent lakefront parks.” The gallery hours are 10:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday, and Noon to 4p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The Crown Center Gallery is located at Loyola University Lakeshore campus - 1001 West Loyola Avenue.

September 4, 2009

Thank You, Andy McGhee!


On Thursday, July 30, 2009 composer, publisher, and editor Elbio Barilari took to the stage of the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park to introduce a reprise performance of his Sounds of Hope Suite, an extended jazz composition co-written with Kahil El'Zabar, commissioned by and premiered at the Morse Theatre on the night of President Obama's inauguration.

"Is Andy McGhee out there?" Barilari asked. "I need to thank Andy McGhee. He is the reason this was written. He did a great job at the Morse Theatre. It's too bad. Thanks, Andy!"

If you were elsewhere on inauguration night or in Millennium Park, you missed it, you really missed it. And if you never made it to the Morse, you really, REALLY missed it. But the spirit of the original Morse Theatre lives on in the most fitting tribute possible: in our music.

Thanks, Andy!

September 3, 2009

September Morn

This painting was a favorite of my mothers. She placed a print in an antique walnut frame and proudly displayed it on the wall. Dad used to tease her ‘that girl’s going to get a chill mother’.


I always think of this print when the month of September rolls around. Here’s a little history on the lady in the lake. Paul Chabas – September Morn

How times have changed from the remarks of indecency in the article!