August 31, 2009

What is Just Energy?

It was odd to have someone claiming to be from the gas company buzzing the doorbell at 6:00 PM on a Sunday evening. It was a young woman who claimed she had to speak to everyone in the building. So I went to see what the urgency was about.

She showed me a badge from JustEnergy, a clipboard and began an explanation of how JustEnergy cuts out the ‘middle man’, how Peoples Gas buys natural gas at varying prices and how its reflected in the billing. Yeah, and? She wanted to see a gas bill to see if I qualify…which allegedly I do. Granted, a fixed rate price is tempting but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Plus Sunday evening isn’t a good time to be hitting doorbells – so how about a brochure for some research?

Their web site doesn’t have a lot of research data to make comparisons with. The rate charged on my last bill would be lower than what she quoted…not to mention the agreement takes effect 15-90 days after signing an agreement so there’s no guarantee on the amount quoted verbally. There’s also a cancellation charge if one cancels after 30 days….it’s called an exit fee as stated in the agreement. So the price protection doesn’t compute well.

It may be a perfectly good concept – but agreements are not. Too bad the web site doesn't offer a sample agreement. Does anyone know anything about Just Energy?


Toni said...

Don’t sign anything

According to some internet complaints, individuals claimed they never signed an agreement but were billed. Naturally, this company would target North of Howard.

Scott said...

Check this Better Business Bureau's all you need to know:

Toni said...

Maybe the ward should do an email blast warning seniors and other vulnerable neighbors in RP.

Carol Goldman said...

Type "Just Energy Scam" into Google and you'll get a lot of information about this new/old company. I have heard their spiel and it's cleverly done but not legit.

Toni said...

This young lady wasn't all that clever...when she stated she was from Peoples Gas then started her spin my 20 questions began.

You're either from Peoples Gas or you're not - so which is it?