August 18, 2009

It's All Your Fault Homeowners!

It happened after hours on the mandatory furlough weekend so it’s not the aldermans fault.

As some comments on the Ald. Schiller article in the Sun-Times state, the north side of town is a community that ‘embraces diversity’. People were called yuppies if they expressed concern for the safety of their neighborhood in Ward 46. The same happens up the street in Ward 49 – where the labels yuppies, racists, conservatives are tagged on complainers about crime. These idiots should just move if they don’t like groups of people loitering, dealing drugs, fighting, throwing bottles or rocks or shooting weapons. They’re just closed minded and not ‘embracing diversity’. If you are easily guilt tripped, it can be twisted into being your fault that people behave this way in 2009. Of course, the use of the term 'embrace' is a typical yuppie phrase straight from a human resource guide book.

What isn’t being investigated or polled is the number of renters who may feel threatened in their own buildings or neighborhoods. It’s become a board game of pass off to ‘owners’ and lay blame on their reason for purchasing in a ‘diverse’ neighborhood. Also passed over are those long time residents who may have seen their streets change from great to mediocre to frightening. Next?

Race, creed, color, status of ownership should not be excuses for creating pockets of poverty with the verbal pitch back of ‘why don’t you volunteer time to mentor’ these poor children. Many people do make time to volunteer – sometimes there are rewards and sometimes it’s little more than an insult from the very children volunteers try to help.

What our politicians fail to recognize is one simple truth – damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Fall from an alderman’s grace and the whole area suffers – now what’s objective about that?

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The North Coast said...

The guilt-peddlers may not have noticed, but crime has a way of not staying contained in certain areas. They may not have noticed that in the past year, it has spilled over into a number of "prime" neighborhoods, whose denizens are now finding out that they're just as helpless and powerless in the face of our leaders' unconcern and failures as the rest of us are.

They also may not have noticed that the majority of the people who live in high-crime areas are NOT criminals but ARE poor, and can't get out of the way easily because they're too broke to "just move".

The guilt-peddlers have pretty much faded away or changed their tune, with a few notable exceptions who all seem to be living in Rogers Park, but the residue of the 60s and 70s is still with us, mostly in the form of a broken justice system that continues to turn violent criminals right back out onto the street.

We need to fix our justice system and impose some sense and order on the sentencing laws, and that will take a lot more than angry citizens.

It will take a focused effort and a lot of rational thought on the part of our political leaders and the people who interpret our laws, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.