August 16, 2009

Health Care Reform Is Multi-Faceted

Hopefully the lefties and righties can find some middle ground concerning health insurance. Dealing with Medicare (government run) can be a confusing nightmare. The brochures do not explain the big picture when a senior needs medical assistance. Many sons and daughters have spent hours on the phone trying to unravel the mystery of how Medicare works – or how it really doesn’t.

Need we mention VA Hospitals? Social Security is another bad semi-joke. My father died on the 26th day of a 30 day month. We’ve all heard of pro-rating when it concerns finances right? Not Social Security – they withdrew the complete month from Dad’s bank account even though he lived 26 2/3 days out of a 30 day month. Even though he paid into Social Security all of his adult life, his last month of life money became theirs upon his death. But they’re not totally evil – they did a direct deposit for about $250 as a death expense.

As for the end of life insanity – why should physicians be allowed to charge for giving both legal and medical advice? It seems we have the usual US of A issue here – some people do their jobs and some go through the motions of working.

If the religious fanatics could satisfy their need to ‘save’ by doing their missionary work, we’d have one less aspect of the insanity in this big argument.

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