August 20, 2009

Cultural Fest - August 22 - Triangle Park

The weather forecast looks good for this first-ever event.



jeffo said...

i think that eventually there should be a paulina street fest,
but right now, that would just be frightening! as there really arent great businesses there,
there would be a currency exchange booth?
we need more retail on howard by the el, not all cooped up in the mall,

hop haus bad location,
and other junk there is okay, but who wants to hangout at the mall?

cultural fest?
how generic.
but hey its worth a try,
its a nice park but weird location, sandwiched by graveyard and cta switching yard and the praise god building and the neigborhood garden club,

how about an absence of culture fest?

Toni said...

Well jeffo - tomorrow's fest is a fundraiser for the Triangle Park Advisory Council. The PAC, along with the council for Harold Washington Playlot and Willye White Park and center work have started doing fundraising for various needs for the parks. It has nothing to do with 'street festivals' as they're known or retail on any street.

Once upon a time Howard and Paulina had lively businesses - and yes, the mall is rather bla and boring. Neighborhood stores across the country have been pushed out by malls. I'm not sure the mall ended the economic life on these two streets but I'm sure some long time residents may chime in.

Absence of culture? Don't we have an abundance of that already?

Hope you can make it -

mcl said...

It wasn't 'The Mall' that pushed out the neighborhood stores on Howard Street and the 7600 block of N.Paulina. It was, in fact, the concentration of subsidized, very low income rental housing NoH, that began to 'take over' in the mid '80's and continues to this day. As the economic base of the residential neighborhood eroded NoH, so to did the retail viability of the business community. And, until this basic fact of 'Business Economic Development 101' is acknowledged and dealt with, it is unlikely conditions will change for the better, not only regarding the business/retail situation, but also the quality of life issues in general! Of course, DevCorp's (or whatever they call themselves today) position is and always has been that "they are not concerned with housing issues" NoH. Go figure???

Fargo said...

Back in the 70s, there were some decent restaurants on Paulina NOH and on Howard nearby. The street drew more of a mix of people. Believe it or not, people came from Evanston to shop and eat there. People went to the bowling alley and next door Chinese restaurant where the Howard entrance to the mall is now. There was a good Mexican place on Paulina that appealed to a wide range of customers.

When the large concentration of low-income housing landed NOH in the 80s, conditions became less welcoming for the previously healthy businesses and their customers. Many of those spaces went vacant and were later changed to other uses, or to restaurants offering cheaper, greasier stuff.