August 24, 2009

Choices To Make - H1N1

From Fox News Blogs – H1N1 Vaccine

The big question remains unanswered for some – to do or not to do the vaccine. As the post states – will it work, how will it work, and how much to use? People still need to exercise simple hygiene and coughing manners. Too bad they abolished the spitting law.

Twice I’ve gotten bold enough to get a flu shot. Twice I was sick off and on for months. Apparently all immune systems don’t appreciate these injections.

Are you getting the H1N1 if its available?


The North Coast said...

You're darn tootin' right I'm getting that vaccine the minute it's available. I'm getting what's available now, for I believe that my religious adherence to a vaccine regime has kept me flu-free.

However, individuals vary greatly in their reactions to these vaccines, which are certainly not free of risk. I've always had good results so of course, I'll get it. But if I had an averse reaction every time I did, I'd weigh the situation very carefully.

Since you've experienced frequent averse reactions to flu vaccines, you need to be very careful about this- talk to your doctor and weigh the risk against benefits yourself. It's easy to sit her and say: just take care of yourself & get enough sleep & take vitamin & eat well & avoid stress, but we can't always do these things.

You need to consider the risks- you live in a high-density neighborhood and are out in the public on crowded trains a lot, and, like most of us who have to work for a living, are subject to a lot of stress. Is it better to be mildly ill for a little while to ensure against the risk of a much more virulent infection that could lay you low for weeks, or even kill you?

Or, is the risk associated with a vaccine so high for you that you're really better off just sleeping more and doubling up on vitamins?

Whatever you do, take good care of yourself.

Fargo said...

Last year I got a flu shot for the first time, after being pushed hard by both my allergist and my regular doc to get it due to asthma. Over the winter, I got hit by flu once but did okay overall during the season.

Some people I know swear by the shots, saying that they never get flu after getting them. Others had reactions like yours. It does seem to be somewhat variable and unpredictable, depending on one's immune system and whether or not the vaccine makers anticipated the correct strain(s) of flu for that particular season.

Given all the hysteria about H1N1, I expect that they'll be giving me the hard sell again this year. I haven't yet decided whether or not to get the shot.

Toni said...

Being mildly ill is one thing but having a lingering coldlike issue is another.

The first flu shot was in college...they thought I had mono. Second one was about 10 years ago. Maybe Ma Nature just didn't program me for the latest and greatest?

food glorious food said...

I don't know... Look at what happened back in the '70s with the swine flu vaccine...
Prove to me it will work, show me who is making the $ off of it and then we will talk...