July 11, 2009

Walking in 40

From today's Pratt/Ashland Walk - where a 9 year-old was recently shot by gang banger crossfire.

Sullivan High School Drummers Mayor Daley and a CAPS facilitator Mayor Daley Mayor Daley, Ald. O'Connor

The host of today's walk, Alderman Patrick O'Connor, Ward 40. O'Connor introduced Mayor Daley, Superintendent Jody Weis, Commander Bruce Rottner and others who spoke.

The gentleman in the last photo is the beat facilitator. He reminded everyone what dates, time and place of the beat meetings. He also gave a plug for the upcoming 24th District National Night Out in Willye White Park.

Ald O'Connor - the host Mayor Daley Supt. Jody Weis The Beat Facilitator

My friend Maryon was walking right along with the Mayor. We North of Howard women know how to walk. (Don't forget, we have a walk on the wild side tonight at 7 PM - meet up at 1610 W Howard.) Many feel the walks are useless and that's their opinion. But will ignoring the problems make them disappear? Of course, our little area has ample issues that too many choose to either ignore or let someone else handle for them.

These events are good PR for the pols. As far as I'm concerned, the aldermen should host them regularily - not have a knee-jerk reaction after an incident. Let's hear it for being proactive and earning that salary we pay. Joe won't be able to make the NOH walk tonight - he's had his morning trek and held his well-advertised bike in the park event. He ran out of time in June and just couldn't send an email blast for the Willye White Park event. But that's how it goes when you're a politician. It was duly noted too. No advertising for the poor kids and they had nothing to do with the political landscape.

Maryon and the Mayor walking Commander Rottner

It was good to see Commander Rottner again. Several cheers went out when he was introduced.

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