July 16, 2009

Shots Fired and Arrest NOH

Someone I don't know sent an email inquiry Monday about a late night shooting over the weekend. I called the 24th – as anyone can – and learned a non-resident had been shot in the leg around 12:15 AM Sunday, was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston and was uncooperative with police questions. I responded to the person's email. That shooting was in the 7600 block of Marshfield. The report from the Sun-Times has it half an hour later. As some of us have heard - some of the problems stem from what I term 'tourists' or people who come NOH for other business. Of course, we have our own resident problems too.

NOH Shootings and arrests this week.

This morning it was reported on The Broken Heart that scanner talk reported another shooting on Jonquil. I was asleep, don’t have a scanner and the phone doesn’t ring everytime there’s an incident. According to the information I received when I called tonight:

2 calls were placed at 3:27 AM stating there were shots fired around 1600 Jonquil
1 call was placed at 4:39 AM that a person was shot

There was nothing reported as bona fide according to the person I spoke to at 24. If anyone knows a resident of the Jonquil Hotel or the manager, perhaps they can offer some more information.


mcl said...

RE the shooting early this morning:

According to 'scanner' chatter around 8:30 A.M this morning, Evidence Technicians were still working the shooting scene area
(1614 W. Jonquil) and had found shell casings.

Toni said...

Interesting - thanks for the info.

Grammar Gal said...

Stay safe up there, both of you and all the 'other nations', too!

Toni said...

UPDATE on July 16 Shots Fired on Jonquil

An officer from the 24th called this afternoon to give me an update on the July 16 shooting. A male, in his 20’s, was confronted in the early morning hours by three other males in their 20’s. They approached him and asked where he was from. Allegedly he replied that he wasn’t from around here. Somewhere in the conversation, a weapon appeared and they demanded his ring. He gave it up and the one holding the weapon put it to his head. A scuffle ensued and he grabbed the weapon but the two pals of the gun toter began physically attacking him, the gun discharged and a bullet struck him in the calf.

There were calls from the Jonquil Hotel and elsewhere on Jonquil. This began as a robbery and developed into the shots fired that people reported hearing on their scanners. Techs did come back to the scene after information was relayed from the hospital back to the 24th. Apparently I was the only person who called to find out what exactly happened.