July 17, 2009

Rio Touhy

From the in box:

I just returned from out west late Monday night to find one of Chicago's untamed rivers running down my street (1800 block of Touhy) Tuesday morning. My neighbors said that they had called to report it, so I didn't think too much about it. Next day, same river, still no Water Dept. I still wasn't that concerned. I figured they would get to it soon.

RioTouhy17-15-09 RioTouhy7-14-09
RioTouhy17-14-09 RioTouhy7-17-09

By Thursday they had put up multiple traffic horses and a really cool blinking lighted arrow sign (see picture), but still no work had been done to fix it. It is now Friday about 2 pm and I am getting a little irritated. Thousands of gallons of fresh, pure Chicago drinking water (I've really come to rely on that low dose of anti-depressant each day) is running from the large hole in the street into the storm drain. Is this how the Mayor and our Alderman are "greening" the city?

Maybe they're planning to set up an Olympic kayak run on my street. Or maybe they are waiting until the weekend to fix it so either the Water Dept. or some palm greasing contractor working for them can collect a boatload of overtime.

Meanwhile, El Rio Touhy runs on, and on, and on...

Photos courtesy of Ptooey Avenue


Toni said...

A quick search for 311 online - maybe the online contact would be more efficient than the call center.

311 online for potholes

311 online for water in the street

Bosworth said...

Perhaps we can redirect that water to 'Lake Bosworth' at the corner of Howard and Bosworth. I called 311 again today to report standing water. The 311 operator was silent after she asked me how long the water had been standing and I answered 2 years.

Toni said...

That's funny - but true. Two weeks ago, the storm sewer was bubbling through the standing water. Maybe there's a scuba diver down there? There's no need for anyone to pretend - that standing water on Bosworth has been called in for the last 7 years!

Grammar Gal said...
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Grammar Gal said...

Arent't these great examples of how the Ald. cares soooo much about the 49th Ward?

Tonight, I rode back up from Greektown. As soon as the 147 bus crossed Granville, the southern border of the 49th Ward there, the bus hit "a pothole" which is really a collapsing, ancient sewer.

They, and the non-functioning sewers, are all over this area. I guess until Joe gets some nice back-up into his basement, nothing will be done.

Apparently, there's no money in it for him to utilize his power as an Ald. to get these sewers up to code.