July 15, 2009

Morbid or Realistic?

This Latest Internet Flurry landed in my inbox today. I googled and found this Snopes Link which sort of sets the record straight. With the stimulus package gifts to certain corporate biggies, the debt to China, who knows if an 80 year old would actually get the stent or not.

How many have wondered if their health care provisions are based on the type of health insurance they carry? The better the coverage, the better the treatment? Then there’s the hot topic between the religious and political groups over the concept of assisted suicide. This British couple is the latest headline grabber.

Was the chronicling of the Downes decision to leave this world together less dignified than reading the daily tabloid headline updates on dying famous persons?

No one screams when we euthanize our beloved but terminally ill pets. In fact, it’s considered an act of kindness to end their suffering. No one screams when people opt for Do Not Resuscitate orders in their powers of attorney or sign up to become organ donors. Some still oppose cremation. In light of the Burr Oak outrage, wouldn’t you rather have your ashes cast in your favorite place by a loved one or friend?

What we need is the establishment of our right to choose - whether it’s a doctor for a stubbed toe, an abortion, or the right to die rather than linger in a futile, painful state. There’s nothing natural about ventilators and IV feedings when there’s no hope of recovery.

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The North Coast said...

Good post.

My great fear is that a national health care plan will become a political football subject to the agenda of whoever is in power.

That could mean, under circumstances we might now find difficult to imagine but which could materialize rapidly given a change in the political climate, that seniors could be forcibly "triaged" no matter how favorable the prognosis. Or, abortion and sterilizations may cease to be available, or even contraceptives. Or, necessary treatment for your child who has very rare and expensive health problems. Or, conversely, you may be forced to accept treatment you do not desire when you'd rather nature be allowed to take its course.

We definitely need the establishment of the right to choose- in other words, the guarantee that our rights as humans will be respected.