July 6, 2009

Japanese Small Wind Turbines Enter U.S. Market

Synergy Viridis LLC

Below are some of the bio's of those involved in this project.

George D. Sullivan, principal is also the principal and CEO of Eco Smart Building, a design/build consulting practice that specializes in building programming, development and construction. Eco Smart’s project portfolio has covered land planning and use, commercial office, retail, educational, mixed use, low and mid rise development, and redevelopment of existing built infrastructure assets. Four hundred and eighty project units have achieved energy conservation targets of 75% better than Energy Star, reducing operating cost and increasing construction quality, occupant comfort and indoor air quality as well as reducing the environmental footprint of the project. In the current real estate market these projects are considered “dark green,” with substantially higher rates of pre-leasing along with longer term leases and higher presales than conventional projects. For 15 years prior to founding Eco Smart Building, George served in senior engineering and operational management positions in several multi-national organizations and professional service firms.

George received his dual Bachelor of Science degree in General Engineering and Biology from the University of Illinois, and his Masters of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Graduate School of Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a National Science Foundation Scholar and Fellow, Walter P. Mc Crone Scholar in Microscopy, American Cancer Society Scholarship Award recipient, American Lung Association Scholar, United States Navy Fellowship Award recipient, and holds 6 patents.

George has also published articles and has been extensively quoted in numerous publications: Wall Street Journal, US Green Building Council’s newsletter Green Bytes, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Illinois Real Estate Review, Lerner Newspaper, The Chicago Reader and Rogers Park 2000. He has been selected by the Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects to participate on the Review Board for the City of Chicago’s Building Departments Green Building Code and Green Permit Process.

Additional awards Mr. Sullivan has received: City of Chicago’s Department of Environment Award, Chicago Wilderness and United States Environmental Protection Association Award, and National Wildlife Association Award.

Greg T. Blue, chief operating officer, has 35 years of experience managing people and engineered-to-order business processes. His experience has spanned profit-and-loss-driven aftermarket sales and service, development and direction of project management organizations, field service and installation management, and sales and contract administration.

Mr. Blue comes to Synergy Viridis after 19 years in an OEM setting in a senior management capacity, where he was recently responsible for the management of complex engineering and manufacturing processes. In his varied career, he has been involved with companies that specialize in the fields of engineering, construction, power and utilities, automotive, graphic arts, and high tech.

At Synergy, Greg is responsible for the coordination of assembly, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of our renewable energy system products and services. He ensures that business operations are efficient and effective and that proper management of resources, distribution of products and service to customers is outstanding.
He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and an MBA.

Celeste Karan, executive director of marketing, has garnered national and international attention for her clients through her skilled marketing efforts. Celeste is an experienced Realtor and an authority on green building. Her passion regarding sustainability issues has lead her to specialize in helping clients navigate the often confusing world of “green” claims. She has been featured in many publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Crain’s Chicago Business, and has become widely known as an expert in her field.

She understands the construction industry and has an in-depth knowledge of energy-efficient design and green building methods that give developers a marketing edge, provide lower energy bills for the owner, create a more comfortable and healthy home, and conserve natural resources. She is familiar with all the major U.S. certification programs for green buildings, energy-efficient mortgage products and tax credits, as well as all major options for renewable power generation.

Delegation from Sinfonia Technology

Mr. Kazumichi Kato, Ph.D. in Engineering
Mr. Kazumichi Kato has been serving as Managing Director and Chief Director of Electronic Precision Equipment in SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. since June 2007. He is also in charge of Main Development Unit and Vehicle Control System Project Unit. He joined the Company in April 1975.

Mr. Tsutomu Tomokuni
General Manager of Renewable Energy Equipment Sales Department

Mr. Fumio Sayama
Director of Renewable Energy Technology

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