July 7, 2009

Goofy City Spending?

Just passing on some interesting info from NBC5.com.



The North Coast said...

Was the $80K in toilet paper for every city office building and facility? And, for how long a supply?

Some purchases that look weird might actually add up.

What's murdering us are the TIF districts that siphon taxes to private developers, and Da Mare's white elephant vanity projects. Every one of these comes in at 3X the projected cost (at least)and is usually unnecessary and not even necessarily good for the city.

What I really want to see is an honest accounting of what this little athletic event in 2016 is going to cost. Getting honest figures on the real cost to the city is like trying to get the CIA to publish its budget. But we know that the Olympic Village alone will be at least $4 Billion, one item that by itself takes the costs of that event way past what its promoters projected. Anybody who doesn't twig by now that we're going to end up spending at least as much as London or Vancouver, is living in a dreamworld.

Toni said...

NC - I was interested in the $250 coffee pots. The question on which vendor won the bid(s) is a good one too.

As for the TP - well, I'll refrain from a quip.