July 21, 2009

Exposed! Howard Bosworth LLC

The decrepit but beautiful building sat burned out and vacant for years before I moved here and until the end of 2008. Here's the Broadmoor East-Bosworth courtyard 2006. The work began and continued through the harshest winter we’ve experienced in a long time. The building was power washed, tuckpointed, fitted with new windows, and interior work continued with two pitiful watch dogs guarding the back area. Here's the back courtyard of Broadmoor East in 2005 and below is the view in 2009.

GEDC0014 GEDC0015

Many long-time residents will remember the problem tenants above the commercial spaces on Howard. The before and after shots of the doorways to those apartments are impressive – at least to me. The apartments have been completely gutted and rehabbed as interior work progressed. Earlier in the summer one could look inside on the Bosworth ground level and see new floors, cabinetry, exposed brick and rehabbed hallways. Tenants have recently started moving into their new homes.

KickedIn 001KickedIn 002 GEDC0012

The Bosworth courtyard changed dramatically this spring with new pavement, landscaping and it will be interesting to see what will be planted there.

100_1116 GEDC0023

The bleak parkway often littered with trash has sprouted hostas, and a new tree that were mulched today. The trash is now picked up by the maintenance crew.

GEDC0024 GEDC0019

The new facade of the commercial space along Howard.

GEDC0018 GEDC0013 GEDC0010

Bad habits die hard - let's hope the new tenants and management help the rest of us keep the street both crime and litter free.
GEDC0021 GEDC0020

Yes - the sinkhole in front of Lost Eras is still sinking!


The North Coast said...

Building by building, NOH truly IS improving.

It's easy to forget that Chicago wasn't built in a day, or a year, and that a neighborhood isn't rebuilt in that quickly, especially with the wind in your face, which wind is the local political leadership.

But it happens, though watching it in progress is like staring at a flower bud waiting for it to open before your eyes.

And though it is the new ownership and management of the buildings who are actually doing the work and making the economic contribution, the citizens made it happen by demanding better for their neighborhood, and thus paved the way.

Toni said...

The change in both the Broadmoor and Broadmoor East took years and years of citizen action. Far longer than any normal neighborhood should have to painstakingly wait for.

I met a young couple tonight who had just moved in. As long as management properly screens tenants their investment should pay off and the neighborhood can begin to gain some self-esteem on one corner. But its going to take more years and years of citizen action to fix some of the problems our leadership signed us up for -

Topel said...

After a long apartment search I was terrifically impressed with this building. I had a friend who grew up in the area when it was bad and told me the area is getting better.

My apartment is great! The management was really selective in the tenant selection process; I was fortunate enough to work through an excellent agent who helped me. I dont have the best credit, but I have a great paying job and letters of reference.

The building is quiet, clean, and for the most part my neighbors are nice. The onsite building manager is a blessing!

Toni said...

Thanks for posting Topel. I hope you can join us in walks this spring. CAPS meets every second Thursday at 7 PM. We're now alternating between 7450 N Rogers on odd months and Willye White Center on even months. So next Thursday we'll meet at 1610 W. Howard. Please bring some neighbors and help us.

I'm glad you found an apartment you like. Welcome to NOH.