July 10, 2009

A Different Positive Loitering Approach

A different approach… to positive loitering.

Sgt. Delgado mentioned Thorndale at last night’s CAPS meeting in the Harold Washington Playlot. The playlot is controversial as the sign states no one over 12 should be inside or rather utilizing the swings, slides, etc.

It’s an on-going problem with neighbors living on Paulina about the quality of life issues unattended children frequently cause. The behavior of some children is definitely spankable – too bad liberals. Far too many children are left to their own devices without adult guidance or supervision. And for what it’s worth, too many children are either learning certain negative behavior from the older kids or their parents.

Older kids and some adults hang out in the park and when the age on the sign is mentioned – one should hear the responses! It’s not unusual to be spat upon, cursed out, verbally threatened, hit with rocks, water balloons or bicycles. The alleged adults will claim that they’re with a younger sibling, cousin, grandchild, etc. True or false, when small children see adults behave in an anti-social way, they’ll probably mimic that behavior.

In another era, small children were never allowed to wander city streets without an adult. In this era, small children are sometimes left under the supervision of an older sibling or just sent out to play.

Thorndale neighbors are using a different approach. It was suggested the NOH neighbors try it in their problem parks.

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mcl said...

The Chicago Park District sign at the HWM Playlot states: