July 26, 2009

Contaminated On Howard-Who Lied?

Chicago Discount Cleaners If you click on the names listed to the left next to the map, there's conflicting information. Chicago Discount Cleaners link pop-up states 1529 is still contaminated and the Nordis Inc. link pop-up states the EPA approved it in August 2007. So which is it - contaminated or clean?

Did Coe Lie - Is Howard Site is Still Toxic

One part of the question referred to the environmental issues surrounding the Lerner building and asked if the dry cleaners on Howard been properly tested and cleaned.

Mr. Coe stated it was cleaned and had passed tests in 1988 stating an entity known as the Dry Cleaning Association funded it. The point of the question was to ensure that any environmental issues had been rectified and would not be cause for any delays. The architect spoke up and stated that soil sampling and obtaining permits go in tandem.

From obtaining permits, to demolition and construction the estimated timeline is 28-30 months.

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