July 24, 2009

Abusive Slumlord exposed - again

This reader left a comment on an old post that I wanted to check out. I’ve included the links to the Tribune and to Illinois Department of corrections. The article I found in the Tribune is dated 2005, (see page 5) and a person with the same name as the landlord she mentions does appear in the IDOC.

Thank you Veronica.

Veronica Wakefield has left a new comment on your post "Tribune Investigates Section 8":


In 2003 the Tribune did a story on the abuses of slumlords and Section Landlords and their tenants. There was a landlord named Cordell Cherry of 7018 South Paxton that had a tenant named Annette Campbell. Ms. Campbell was abused because she complained to Section 8 about the hazard conditions of her apartment. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Cherry the landlord had Ms. Campbells's water illegally turned off. Ms. Campbell and her family were forced to bath in water, use the toilet and drink water that her family lugged over. Even after this, Mr. Cherry tried to evict this woman. IT back fired. As it turned out while surfing the web because I am doing a class on unethical services of landlords and I have to research and write a paper on this subject, Mr. Cherry has been in Prison for over a year now for all sorts of fraudulent matters. If you go to Illinois Department of Corrections and type in Cherry under inmates; then scroll to Cordell Cherry, there is his mug shots and all 20+ counts of charges against this man. I was thinking you all should do a followup from the original story with his mug shot attached to it with the charges listed to show the public of what could happen to them too if they should mistreat people who are in financial circumstances who have to live on section 8 means to support their family. Just because they are living on Government assistance does not mean they should be abused! Great Job Tribune!

2005 Tribune Article

Illinois Department of Corrections


Toni said...

Cook County Clerk's website has a lot of activity on the named landlord.

Michael J. Harrington said...

Hey Toni, Great follow-up! Thanx.

danny said...

Yes.....I too encountered this SCUMBAG!!!! My wife and I almost gave him $75,000.00 to do an Investment deal with him. He said he was rehabbing some condos. My wife didn't trust him and so we prayed about it. The man drove up to his property in a very expensive car and had a very expensive home. He was indeed very flashy! He was flawless! The Lord told us to use wisdom and we didn't trust him. I am so grateful we didn't give this man our life savings. It could have costs me and my wife our marriage. Mr. Cherry was a very arrogant man and he was so Charismatic! He didn't know who our trust was in and as always, We trusted in the Lord and didn;'t lean to our understanding. Thank God we listened!