June 10, 2009

Yes - You Can!

People are pre-registering to walk or to come for the lunch and afternoon activities. Others are kindly giving money to sponsor walkers or children. We understand the tough economic times many are going through – and we also know that the recession that has hit the rest of America is not new to low-income families. Many have been suffering financial hardships for years. But the children shouldn’t have to endure being latch key kids because their parents can’t afford summer camp.


How can you afford to donate? Think in the long-term for the next 9-10 days and see how you could afford to attend or be a sponsor.

– pack a lunch instead of stopping at a fast-food place for lunch or dinner
– walk instead of drive when you can
– drink water instead of soft drinks, designer coffee or liquor
– by-pass the fries or chips or dessert
– put a collection jar for the kids in your place of business

Try eliminating just one or more on the list and see how much you actually save in a few days. Think about one child spending summer outside with positive activities as compared to sitting home watching TV or worse, sneaking out while Mother is at work.

You could help change the future of just one child this summer.

Help Inspire Just One Child To Follow This Path

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