June 21, 2009

Walkathon Fundraiser Snapshots

The games and the Olympic Torch Run were managed by Amy Skeen of Girls In The Game. Before the run, Amy gave a short quiz on sportsmanship and they were off! Every runner was cheered at the finish line - even those who chose to walk!

Amy Skeen - Girls In The Game A Quiz On Sportsmanship GEDC0014 And here they come! Cheering on the runners

Carol P. Norton and Sharon O'Connell awarded the runners with medals. Both Amy and Carol were friends of Willye White and are members of the Willye White Park Advisory Council.

Carol Norton Awarding Olympic Medals Sharon and Carol awarding medals The Youngest Olympic Medalist

Face Painting Sidewalk Artists

Carol Norton held storytelling time about her late friend, Willye White, so we could know what an honest, caring, woman she was as well as a great athlete. Willye not only was a 5 time Olympian but she was all about sportsmanship and fair play. In other words, how one plays the game is just as important as winning - maybe more.

Storytelling - Carol Norton

Here's Cory - one of the staff and a good mentor for the kids. The little lady stole the show with her high fives! She was very proud of her medal - who knows - maybe one day she'll be a famous Olympian.

Cory GEDC0026

Special thanks and kudos to the merchants who donated wonderful food, the council members, Mike Luckenbach, Paula Basta, Mike Harrington, and my neighbor Peter who picked up the food, and those merchants who delivered personally. Did I mention those brave souls who walked 3 miles in the heat? A round of applause for Sr. Cecilia and her group who served lunch too! And most of all, thanks to all who supported our first fundraising event financially and via email blasts to your distribution lists. And thanks to the Park District for partnering with us. Thanks to your support, we raised almost $2,500 for summer camp.

If you couldn't make the event and still wish to contribute please contact Eva or me.

On a side note: Girls In The Game will be added to the programming for the Willye White Center.

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mcl said...

And let's not forget: A big thanks to Toni Duncan for ALL her hard work, time and effort in putting it 'all together'! Well done!