June 30, 2009

Neighbor Reports Cat Fight

This tidbit was in the inbox from the wee hours of June 30, 2009.

We went out for a walk around 10:30 this evening for some exercise and to enjoy the weather. We were on our way home around 11:30 or so on Bosworth talking away. We heard police loud speakers coming from the distance. We didn’t know where they were. Then we saw squad cars coming down Jonquil heading west. I wondered what was happening but had gotten caught up in a lively conversation with a neighbor.

Soon the noise and the flashing lights stopped. We continued talking for about another 45 minutes, and heard the noise again. This time we couldn't ignore it and excused ourselves to find out what was happening. As we hurried down the street the noise got louder when we got to the intersection of Bosworth and Jonquil. It was 1542-44 W. Jonquil and about 5 young ladies were engaged in heated argument and about another 15 girls were egging them on with about 10 guys looking on. We walked over to see what was happening but could not get close enough to see who the profanities were coming from. So I tried to get some of the onlookers to stop yelling.

I later found out that the police had been called numerous times about this activity in one evening. I dialed 911 and waited for the police. 5 minutes later 2 cars drive up and started over the loud speaker. We stopped one of the cars to talk to the cop. He pulled up closer to 1542 and got out of the car because the loud speaker his partner had been using did no good at stopping the noise. The cop confirmed that this was their 4th time at that address for the evening. 4 other cars eventually pulled up and the officers got out of their cars. The two cops that I stopped went into the crowd to break it up. The yelling continued. More cops come over to break up the crowd. It began to disperse as people headed west on Jonquil stopping at Ashland or across the street in front of NP. Still there was a group of about 10 that remained at the building yelling at each other. The cops tried to get them to go in the building since some of them said they lived at 1542-44. No one would go in. Some of the cops headed down to Jonquil and Ashland to break up an even larger crowd that had formed down there. About 20 to 25 minutes later they finally got control and people begin to leave and go indoors.

This happened two more times in the night. It is now going on 3:00 a.m. and I am still hearing noise through the window. I don't know what has gotten into these girls but they are at each others throats tonight. There isn't even a full moon. 6 times the cops have been called. 6 times 4 or more cars have come out to stop fighting between these loud mouthed belligerent girls for this same address. Ben Myer owns this property.


Bosworth said...

I called 911 two different times that night for this incident. These girls did not pay any attention to the police. They were beyond belligerent.

In addition to this incident, I have called 911 every night for the past 3 nights for dice games in front of 1542-44 W Jonquil Terrace. Last night there were 8 young men on the sidewalk directly in front of the building shooting dice.

1546 W Jonquil Terrace continues to have drug activity from the second floor apartment.

Maybe these 2 buildings need to be added to the problem buildings list. If the landlords can't screen their tenants better or control their behavior, they need to lose the buildings and the income that comes with them. These buildings have been problems off and on for years now.

Bosworth said...

Gun shots again this morning at 12:48 A.M. in the vicinity of Jonquil Terrace and Ashland.

I heard a woman asking if everyone was all right. People on the street scattered.

Two weeks in a row now we have had gun shots in this area.

Toni said...

Another neighbor called about a large angry bunch in front of 7712 N Ashland around 1AM.

Wonder if there's any connection?

Bosworth said...

The past few weeks it looked like the drug activity at 7712 N Ashland had stopped. But I saw a transaction there last night about 9:30. People walk up to the first floor window, knock, enter the building and they are back on the street in a minute or less.

The same situation is now going on at 1546 W Jonquil Terrace. Place a call on your cell phone, and the keys to the front door are dropped to the sidewalk from the 2nd floor apartment above the front door of the building. Use the keys to let yourself in, and a few minutes later you are back on the street.

Next door at 1542-44 W Jonquil Terrace you have the dice games. Last night they added a loud car stereo while 6 men drank alcohol on the sidewalk and in the street.

These 2 buildings on Jonquil Terrace are a menace.

Patchwork said...

Drugs are sold out of 1542 and 1544. I saw a woman drop a bag out of the window of the first floor of 1544, and I've seen the grills in front used as drug pick up areas. I reported this to two police officers patrolling the area. If we all know about this, and the police ostensibly know about this,why isn't anything being done?