June 24, 2009

Involuntary Taxpayer Donations

“The privatization prevents the city from using continuing parking revenue collections to invest in necessary improvements, the study said. "Increased revenues should go to filling potholes, repairing sidewalks, planting trees, replacing streetlights and funding more efficient transportation options," the study said.

Chicago officials said the parking deal will help solve a severe budget shortfall and professionalize management of on-street parking.” Chicago Tribune

When people have a shortfall, they dig into their savings (IF they have one), work two jobs, cut back on the nonsense items like McDonalds, designer coffee, cruising in their car with no destination, etc. Apparently, we don’t talk about the City’s savings account – we only hear about more and more privatization and the fun part is our tax dollars are paying for it.

Meanwhile, vehicles and pedestrians navigate around potholes. The potholes will get filled when the spirit moves someone to do it. But if taxpayers wait on the same spirit to move them, they’re fined, threatened with confiscation of their homes, harassment and other dastardly deeds.

Meanwhile, the aldermen still are allowed their menu money apparently with no defined rules. To date, 123 cars can park free at certain park district parking lots along Sheridan Road in Ward 49, and X number of people may or may not be targeted by pigeon poop under railroad viaducts.

Parking Free: $89,000
Avoiding Pigeon Crap: $40,000
Total Taxpayer Dollars Tossed: $129,000 for 2009

That’s priceless – especially for those involuntary taxpayer donors who don’t own or drive cars! They’re busy helping out the CTA mismanagement.

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