June 12, 2009

Infra What?

A CTA bus is pretty heavy. Several of them rolling directly over a weak spot in the infrastructure like this will eventually swallow one of them. Or your car.

Bus Stop Before Giant Collapse on Howard Street

Collapsing Sewer on Howard Collapsing Sewer on Howard

Collapsing Sewer on Howard

This monster is in front of Lost Eras on Howard Street. Will there be any menu money left for this neck of the woods?

Lost Eras - Howard Street Collapsing Sewer


loulou said...

I was just looking at that sink hole this morning, as I crossed the street to toss some garbage in the can in front of LE... a practice many of my neighbors are unfamiliar with. I had the thought that it was a problem I noticed 6 months ago, back in the very snowy winter days we had. I gave the city the benefit of the doubt back in January, being that the snow removal took priority. What do you think the excuse has been since, oh maybe April when the last of the snow melted?

The North Coast said...

The streets in this area are so pocked with holes like this, you have to wonder how we haven't had a street cave-in.

Moore has the same mentality as Daley- spend the money on frills while ignoring core needs and doing favors.

The $267,000 of the ward's discretionary fund for infrastructure repairs such as this, that is instead being given to the park district in return for "free" (to the recipient,not to the rest of the taxpayers), could have gone a long way towards repairing the most dangerous holes. Instead, it's going to provide parking spots at no cost to some very privileged constituents.

We'd like to know who those constituents are and what they are doing for Joe in return.

The entire system needs to be questioned. It appears to be designed to give aldermen as much personal power as possible and is apt to extreme corruption.Shouldn't the "discretionary" fund be eliminated, and the money instead placed in a city-wide infrastructure fund to be allocated according to the most critical need, as determined by the city's engineers? This should not be a political process.

As things are now, too much is left to the discretion of one person, either the alderman, or the mayor himself, with no reference to the city's needs as a whole, let alone with any reference to the city's financial condition, which is sort of shaky at the present time.