June 19, 2009

Build A Dream...

After today, we all deserve a break or two. Here’s the June 20 Weather Forecast

It’s Fathers Day weekend, almost the first day of summer, and there’s a festive event tomorrow at Willye B White Center, 1610 W. Howard. It’s also an important event to help at-risk, low income children of this area attend summer camp. When children are involved and become victims of a socio-economic downfall, we all need to pitch in and help. As many know, it isn’t easy being parents living from paycheck to paycheck and just making ends meet. Finding and affording a summer camp is another drain on the budget and the emotions.


So let’s enjoy the day, and bask in the sunshine that’s predicted and be a part of something positive and progressive. Let’s build dreams for the children – as a community. Meet new neighbors, enjoy old friends, good food, and watch the Willye White mini-Olympics and cheer on the teams.

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