June 12, 2009

The Beat Goes On...

Last nights CAPS meeting was rained and chilled out of Triangle Park so we met in the Willye White Center.

We learned of one new building issue - condo buildings with bad rentals by the owner. This is the second condo bad tenant story I've heard this spring. Most were the usual problems NOH. We had representation from the ward office who participated. After the meeting, she and I discussed a few issues that time didn't allow during the meeting.

And, Lorraine Swanson - Lake Effect News - who's been touring CAPS meetings, has this for your reading/information on Beat 2422

The Jonquil problem building is in the 1600 block rather than the 1300 block. But it's the usual issues - heavy traffic, people yelling from the sidewalk to the upper floors instead of calling or using doorbells. YO - use one of those cell phones in your pocket.

Tomorrow is the Beat Walk on the North side of Howard Street. Meet at 7:00 PM in front of the Willye White Center, 1610 W Howard.

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