May 15, 2009

The Toddy Tornado

Don’t you love the smug Toddy photo in the Sun-Times article? He’s a tax dodger serving as president of Cook County, ripping off taxpayers, meddling with economic spending power to fund his Family and Friends. The Stroger’s earned more than $226,000 in 2007 but can’t pay their income taxes?

Mr. President, sir, your Cook County residents on average earned much less but you and your family had no problem demanding that extra tax from us. You didn’t care that, once again, you made Chicago a joke nationwide. Now it’s your turn to deal with the IRS which is a powerful entity and far outweighs your deluded ego.

Many Cook Countians manage to stay afloat on annual salaries below $40,000, pay your family and friends taxes, keep up with soaring prices while you did nothing for them. Oh I forgot, that extra taxation was for health care, and Cousin Donna’s salary, the felonious bus boy’s $60,000 salary, and anyone else the media has drug out of the closet.

If Toddy can’t manage money on a personal level, then what the hell is he doing with Cook County’s money? Apparently he suffers from the same disease that crushed the housing market –borrow and spend and don’t pay the bills. It’s a guaranteed recipe for the bill collectors, foreclosures and the IRS – even for politicians. But Toddler claims he ‘didn’t see it coming’!

“Stroger said he doesn’t believe his constituents are upset that he didn’t pay his taxes on time.

“It may be serious for me, but it’s not serious for the other 4.5 million residents” of Cook County, he said.

Don't bet the farm on that one Toddy!

In an interview with ABC7, Stroger said he plans to seek re-election in 2010.
“I’m running,” he said. “Our government is in great shape.”

According to the ABC 7 video, some very powerful people in the democratic party want Toddler OFF the 2010 Ticket

Well, la ti da, after the Toddy Tornado leaves a swath of damage, the party wakes up? Another fine example of the party making choices for you and me. Next time they might try listening to those silly protesters huh?

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