May 26, 2009

Roll Up Your Sleeves Illinois Leaders

From the Chicago Tribune - Rick Pearson

"For the legislature to turn around and say, 'We are going to raise your taxes, trust us,' without doing anything to show they have cleaned up their own house is a very dangerous proposition," said Cynthia Canary, director of the Illinois Coalition for Political Reform.

The December arrest and January ouster of Blagojevich were to have set the stage for ethics reform as the dominant issue in the spring legislative session. But the recession, rising unemployment and unstable state finances, coupled with Quinn's controversial tax-increase plan, have moved pocketbook issues to the forefront.

Sen. Terry Link, a member of the Senate's Democratic leadership from Waukegan, said he believes the reform that voters want to see goes beyond ethics to include streamlining government.

"The pocketbook issue is always going to be the No. 1 issue that elects or defeats any individual in an election," Link said.

"I think it's going to be a very long week," he said.


The last few years have been long dear reps and senators...the rest of the country is dealing with the downward spiral that didn't recently surface. Unemployment is UP, wage increases for many are non-existent or minimal for those fortunate enough to have a job. But you're aware of that right? We're all hanging on like the photo of a kitten clinging to a rope, individuals, and businesses alike. Meanwhile though, there aren't many job losses or pay cuts for our government leaders are there? Yes, streamlining is long overdue rather than advancing the excuse of raising taxes to pay for the buzz word of the moment.

Taxpayers are being gouged right and left - from Strogers' outrageous and embarassing tenure to automatic pay increases for alderpersons which only a few refused to take. Last night's news reported that homeowners insurance may see up to a 28% increase to cover losses from the last two years in certain areas. That hike will no doubt include renters coverage as well in the blanket toss. Government is long overdue for a necessary hazmat cleanup in the ethics department. It's like stripping layers of paint from woodwork - it takes paint remover, a scraper and a lot of elbow grease. It's time our tax paid elected officials roll up their sleeves and clean their chambers or else find employment in another sector.

Time keeps on slipping...

The Steve Miller Band recorded this hit over 30 years ago.

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