May 9, 2009

Pizza Delivery Man Robbed on Bosworth

Monday evening, May 4, around 7:00 PM, neighbors heard yelling and dishes breaking in the 6 flat at 7645-47 N Bosworth. Knowing children reside in the apartments, neighbors called 911 about a possible domestic.

The police responded but couldn’t gain access into the building. Neighbors noticed squad cars cruising the street most of the night. Another person noticed men’s clothing, a child car seat, and little girls clothing (still with price tags) strewn all over the back stairwell. A male carrying a baby was allegedly stopped by police around 10PM at the alley entrance and was asked if he was in that apartment when they pounded on the rear door earlier. Apparently he was in the apartment where the tenant(s) of the apartment deliberately ignored the police pounding on the back door. At least the yelling woman stopped throwing dishes and shut up.

The neighbors who reported the religious dish breaking drama didn’t know what happened a little later around 10PM at 7645-47 Bosworth. Thugs waited inside the building for a pizza delivery man, robbed him and took the pizza. The police were called, and apparently had the robbers but the delivery man wasn’t a US citizen and was terrified he’d be deported and would not press charges.

So the drum beats on and the thugs bypass jail because the delivery person was afraid of two factors – being deported and retribution from the thugs or their friends. Even though the police tried to explain he wouldn’t be in deported over the crime(s) committed against him, the pizza man wouldn’t press charges.

Even though the owner of the building changed the locks, it's an exercise in futility if his tenants or their offspring are inviting the problems into their apartments. It's an on-going drama. Maybe a prayer circle needs to be held in front of the building to banish evil forces?

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loulou said...

I was impressed with the response of the police. They did return again at 10:30 to speak to a man entering the rear of the building as well.

My question... do you think the people moving in Friday night, into the unit above the one where the disturbance was this week, know what they have gotten themselves into?

Grammar Gal said...

Just another crime in his neighborhood for Ald. Joe Moore to ignore!

Let's hope he retires, or...?