May 7, 2009

A Magical Garden in Rogers Park

People were greeted in their magical garden by Dennis LoBue and Darwin Corwin and family during Sunday’s Historical Walk.

Historical Walk NOH_019 Historical Walk NOH_018

This garden is a 20 year work in progress, changing with natures whims and the owners loving care. There are beehives and the fishponds, more than 1000 tulips and jonquils and other early spring blooming flowers followed by Summer's perennial colorful bloom. Autumn has her share of reds and golds that fade to winter’s white. They call it their all-year garden and it's truly a work of nature's art.


The North Coast said...

How beautiful.

Pamela said...

The entire RP Historical House Walk was wonderful. Hats off to the Historical Society for pulling together such a lovely walk that included commercial spaces, apartments, condos, and single family homes, all walkable. My only complaint is that Lakeside Cafe wasn't open so we couldn't enjoy a little something along the way (though Dennis and Darwin did provide yummy cookies and drinks). Double kudos for delivering perfect weather.