May 16, 2009

Get Out The Violin and Your Walking Shoes

From the Sun-Times:

Why did Stroger miss the tax deadline? Now It’s Our Fault

"I have a lot of things going on. So sometimes a few of the personal issues might slip through the cracks while I'm fighting for the residents of the county and fighting the newspapers," Stroger said.

Toddy, should have stated this upfront – some of us would have understood. It’s early morning, the second cup of coffee, and tears of empathy are blurring my vision. Had I known he was out there fighting for me like a gallant knight from days of yore, I would have donated more to his Family and Friends Fund.

Why? Some of us know how hectic it is to work a full-time job during the day and spend our free hours walking the neighborhoods, going to CAPS meetings, being court advocates, and participating on the parks councils or other committees for starters. One could say it’s a ‘fight’ if we’re trying to clean up a neighborhood that politics and friends created and enabled. Many of those decisions were made while we worked full time and often without our input. We’ve made progress but there’s a long way to go. Unfortunately, the battles we citizens and taxpayers engage in are usually with overpaid politicians like Toddy and we pay their inflated salaries.

The empathetic moment has passed, the welling of tears has subsided – my focus has returned. We may miss the due date on a bill payment but we pay the late fee and move on. Most people fear the wrath of the IRS enough to file their taxes. There are enough problems threatening us without giving an open invitation to the tax man.

Toddy doesn’t have a clue to the struggles people in Cook County deal with if he’s going to whine like that.

If any readers living in the area want to join in one of our activities to battle an issue, please join us for our North of Howard Beat 2422 walk tonight. Meet up at Willye White Community Center at 7:00 PM - bring the kids, the family dog, the next door neighbors unless its pouring rain – again. The issues we deal with were created in boardrooms, offices and political chambers. When there’s a problem – it’s dumped on us to fix on our free time. Can you spare some of yours?

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