May 17, 2009

Do Their Homes Look Like This?

There were two advertised events in Willye White Park yesterday. Family Matters annual walkathon and a CeaseFire event. At 6:50 PM last night a group was leaving the park. They were carrying a folding table from the northeast corner of the park. Ceasefire had set up its event in the parking lot and Family Matters was closer to the cul-de-sac area. Both were long gone.

From what we learned there was a third private event or party that enjoyed the sunny day and hours after CeaseFire and Family Matters picked up, packed up, the third group left this mess behind

No Respect

The park is there for everyone to enjoy – and when purchasing food and beverage how about grabbing a box of trash bags? The anything goes mentality some neighbors North of Howard exhibit is beyond disgusting. It’s a symptom of no self-respect and no self-esteem to leave this for others to pick up. Do they toss trash all over their homes or do they use trash cans?

The Park District should fine these abusers for trash pick-up if they were registered as reserving an event. The ward office should send an email blast on park etiquette and rules, litter and send the word through their NOH contacts that litter bugs will be fined. There are signs posted in the park addressing the subjects.

We’ve seen a man cleaning the park on Sundays. If he cleaned up today, the ward office should give him a generous tip for picking up. The Park District crews clean up during the week. This group left after the facility closed at 5:00 PM. At what point do people become responsible for their actions?

Is this more disrespect or just laziness? If the owner meant to leave these as a donation, the arse planters aren’t the drop-off spot.

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1 comment:

Grammar Gal said...

Your photos are technically great, but the content, as you say, is 'beyond disgusting'!

As for the ward office, do you think anyone there really gives a rat's bum?

Thanks, Toni, for posting this...and sometime soon, things like this will begin to slowly disappear from Rogers Park.