May 6, 2009

Celebrate The Dry Side of Bosworth

Neighbors in the 7600 block of Bosworth have been celebrating the sight of a dry curb. Before the spring rain fills up this clogged and apparently caving storm drain we just want to document that the standing water finally evaporated.

Lake Bosworth Drain

From neighbors who have been persistent with calls about this years-long problem, we’re told the stock answer is that the city is backlogged and will eventually repair the clogged storm sewer. We have a lot of sinking, caving storm drains in the area. I’m sure it’s citywide.

A neighbor noticed vehicles around the drain that weren’t moved for street cleaning this week. Eventually the owners moved the vehicles. The neighbor called streets and san and asked if they could please return and clean the area.

They did return. Thank you Streets and San.

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