April 14, 2009

What About The Children?

These Parents Need More Than A Lawyer

Danyiel Larkins, 25, is charged with aggravated battery of a child.
Police went to Larkins' home Saturday in the 1600-block of Jonquil Terrace after a report of an injured child.

Police say Larkins initially claimed the boy was hurt when he fell out of bed.
Investigators say the child suffered bruises and bleeding to his brain and is in critical condition.

Santenya Hill, 26, is charged with endangering the health of a child.

1654-56 W Jonquil

Not one but three people stopped me Saturday to tell me what they witnessed at 1654-56 W Jonquil. The first person said he saw tape and police everywhere around 11:00 AM Saturday. The other two saw officers removing a tool box, computer, boxes and paper sacks from the building. A fourth person mentioned seeing a news report on ABC 7 on alleged child abuse on Jonquil. A search and a phone call later and 2+2=4 as it always has.

Meanwhile, across the street at 1647-49-51 etc. W. Jonquil, the young ladies allegedly caught with lots of drugs and munitions in their apartment on March 6 are still living there.


They had their second court date this morning – but the judge continued the case until May 15. One of the women has two small children. She was pregnant with the second child last summer when she was busted on similar charges. So what’s wrong with the picture? It is the second offense (maybe more) and the judge merrily handed out a continuance like candy on St. Valentines day. No wonder the young lady was seen out and about after court as carefree as a child. At 21 – she is still a child and she needs some guidance, OK mom?

The little ones deserve better.


Toni said...

One charge I forgot to mention was:

assaulting a police officerSo the law enforcement officers must attend these court dates which takes them off their regular patrols. I wonder how they feel about this happy judge?

One young lady stated in March that she had an attorney. The other didn't. Soooo, a whole month elapsed and the attorney-less offender had time to seek counsel but waited until the April court date to have a court appointed attorney assigned so it was continued until they conferred. I wonder what excuses May will bring?

rogersparkfemale said...

I live in this building and saw this creep daily. I hope they beat his ass in the county jail. I can't believe the girl would let this go on in her house and not call police. I've lost all respect for her and she has two other kids in that apartment wonder if he abused them as well? I pray that DCFS or her family take the remaining kids she don't deserve them and they deserve better.

The North Coast said...

Just shows that you can't build a civilization on the back of teenagers, which is what happens when people are raised uneducated and un-inducted into the mainstream culture; and don't even acquire the most basic knowledge necessary to function in their culture before they start to procreate at 14 or so, if not younger. What does a half-literate 15-year-old have to teach her children?

How old is the 21-year-old's mom? 35 or thereabouts? Grandma most likely doesn't have much wisdom to impart since she, too, probably commenced her childbearing career before she even learned just exactly how babies were made. I have met young women who had to be told they were pregnant when they were 4 months along.

This post was depressing to read because it shows just how little things have changed in the past twenty years and how hard it is to wean a society off destructive folk ways. They are passed on to people too young and lacking in judgment to be able to make the choice to reject them.

I wonder just how many cases like this the judge has seen. I believe that if I were in his or her place, I would be overwhelmed with a sense of futility after seeing the 1,643rd case like this in front of me. They just keep coming.

We could do just one itty bitty little thing. We just COULD provide substance abusers with EXTREMELY EASY access to FREE STERILIZATION AND CONTRACEPTION, sterilization to be preferred. This might, over time, vastly reduce human suffering in the main, and those who complain of the cost to the taxpayers, consider these things: A. the cost of delivering a baby and supporting him to maturity, B. the cost of keeping a career criminal in a max security lockup- last I heard, it was about $50,000 a year, borne by the taxpayers, and C. it would cost less than all the bailouts to the housing and financial industries we are fronting.

Right now, poor women are looking at steeply higher costs for contraceptives, around $50 a month now. Sterilizations cost about $3000, and are very difficult to get for Medicaid recipients. Stroger does perhaps 10 pro bono tubal ligations a year, and the waiting list is very long- an impoverished friend of mine waited 3 years for hers.

Toni said...

Thank you for commenting RPfemale. The kids deserve better but the mom as well as the dad may have grown up thinking this kind of behavior is 'normal'. Deadly patterns pass from generation to generation. IF and that is IF, the mother is also a victim of his physical abuse she may have been to damn frightened to speak up.

But that is a lame excuse. Another myth in the fabric is that the police are the enemy. But when you're only 6 years old you are powerless.

Toni said...

NC - some of your comment is sensible but the libs and thumpers will scream about sterilization so let's keep it to common sense.

Education is the missing link and this NOH area of enabling needs to be curtailed. The grandmother is probably in her 40's and I don't know ALL of her history other than she perceives herself as a self-righteous woman ready to point fingers at 'those homeowners who are going to run the poor people out of the hood'. Hogwash I say. While many NFP's here, and we have more than enough, provide certain assistance, I'm really curious to know exactly how much and what is provided in this area for sex education, birth control and parenting.

The judge didn't appear to be too frustrated - probably not as much as the police who make the arrests, play by the book and see these continuances by the lawyer group.

It's tiring to hear about people's rights when they are the very ones who abuse the rights of a whole neighborhood with their illegal, noisy behavior. Many think they're thumbing their noses at a society they feel has imprisioned them, ignored them, and has stripped them of the right to deal drugs and shoot guns at people, buildings, vehicles, etc.

This neighborhood was created by politicians and thumpers - not regular people. When the masses want to rebel, perhaps they should do a google search and do their protesting at the correct places.

Last but not least, how about an incentive? You refer to the money spent - how about offering a financial incentive to young women to take birth control, finish high school and continue in a direction that will break the pattern?

The North Coast said...

Toni, I absolutely support financial incentives for use of contraception and finishing school.

I can't help but notice that all the youth outreach efforts are directed at boys, possibly because it is the boys who join the gangs and who commit about 90% of the violent crimes.

The girls are ignored. We need to offer these girls alternatives to teen motherhood and its results: the complete cancellation of any other opportunity the young mother might have had, guaranteed life impoverishment, and kids who grow up to repeat the sad cycle.

Yet what HAVE these girls been offered? Ahhhhh, yes, Bush's Marriage initiatives designed to induce young single moms to marry whoever shows up, no matter how unqualified he might be, as though marriage of one uneducated, poverty-stricken youngster to another solves anything.

We need to offer them something else. Again, anyone out here who complains about the cost of contraceptives and incentives to use them, should consider the alternatives.

stopjudgingwithoutknowing said...

this to rogersparkfemale and anyone else who judge people and can't possibly know the facts. Because like she stated "I live in this building and saw this creep daily" is such an unfair, and dangerous statement to make. I myself would have agreed with her statement if I didn't know Danyiel and Tan. The reason I would have agreed is this; we as people think the worst of a situation when we are misinformed or not fully informed. Maybe rpfemale should know that the child was given to them by DCFS because the biological mother/boyfriend consistent abuse since birth. The 6 year old came to them harden already from a harsh life. All he knew was abuse and mistreatment, and he started to display this with the 2 younger children (ex. knowingly feeding them toilet water in cups, and other physical acts). They also recieved no proper assitance from DCFS when they voiced the danger he was posing to the other children(the toilet water could have been Drano, pine-sol or worst). They gave his son back to DCFS once because of his behavior, only to try again. It is a saying that we all love to use, "You never hit a child." And in a perfect world you never would, and please don't tell that statement to a mother, teacher, even a concerned neighbor 20 or 30 years ago. People assume the child was beat by this monster, and if he was beat then the other childern were too. This is the farthest thing from the truth as it can get. What this whole incident made me do was look at myself harder, because I have 2 kids and they receive spankings/whippings, etc. and a too hard of a hit or a child falling backwards hitting an object that can subsequently injure or kill them is my FAULT(ex. My little girl moved back from me in anticipation of a our playfight hit and tripped over a toy and fell down a flight of stairs. Now how would it look if she had fresh enough wounds and bruises from real abuse but only it was the mother/boyfriend combo months earlier?) Am I a monster? It will look like it. Should guys in prison beat me to death? They will, cause all they know is that I beat up my kid. I know its hard to do, but I implore you guys to stop judging situations without learning about it(if you can). I was just like rogersparkfemale before a friend had this tragedy happen to him and have public opinion ready to convict him before knowing anything about this family. I hope DCFS does not take their remaining kids because none of them deserve this, especially the boy.

Ms.Chris said...

Ok, stopjudgingwithoutknowing,

I knew this child and his mother. I have to admit the mother was a real piece of work and the child was wiser than his 6 years, but come on HE WAS 6!!! Are you insane to say that we shouldn't judge the father without knowing the whole story?!? What's to know the child upset him and he lost control and beat him to a pulp. Do you understand just how bad he beat him? Well, let me educate you sweetie since you seem to be the one uninformed here. After almost 5 months that little boy is still in the hospital and he has no release day. This little boy will never be the same, he may never be able to walk again and you have the nerve to say that we should not judge him so harshly? Maybe DCFS needs to come to your home. And one more thing, it is true that the boy did act out and showed bad behavior, but to teach him that is wrong we beat him more and show him additional bad behavior? You must come from the school do as I say not as I do.

The father is an animal plain and simple and should be where all the other wild animals are, in a cage.