April 15, 2009

A Rush Hour Hazard On Howard

Exiting the Howard train stop on the north stairwell, I noticed a large number of people milling around. OK, I figured, it's a relatively warm afternoon after all the gloomy weather and kids are out. But when I crossed Paulina and saw a woman kneeling down covering her little girl I knew better. She heard the noise and crouched to protect her child. The talk on the corner was about a possible drive-by shooting. No one saw anything but several heard gunfire. A couple of squad cars flew past and stopped some young men while others checked to see if anyone had been hit. No arrests were made.


From a friend who was on the treadmill at the Willie B White weight room:

“Before the happening, there was a large group running west on Howard – more than 20. Others joined the group on Marshfield. I heard one pop sound and everyone scattered, some ran north on Marshfield, some ran back east on Howard past the WBW center. A police car drove by with no siren, followed by at least 4 more with sirens and lights flashing and later, a paddy wagon. I saw 4 squads and 1 tactical car.”

I asked my friend if the group of about 10-15 was still in front of the building. The response was they had dispersed, some were playing basketball and the street had returned to 'normal'.

Perhaps our good neighbors will consider the importance of joining our walks, consider creating block clubs and holding lots and lots of events in the park. Let's strive for 24/7 normal.

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