April 25, 2009

Rainbow Walk - Beat 2422

Infrastructure Issues along Jarvis….They’re not easy to miss –

collapsing sewer same collapsing sewer
Another Collapsing Sewer Same Hole - Different View Collapsing Sewer Ashland

On Rogers…this very dead tree leans on the utility pole and is tied to the fence. Is the property owner just waiting for it to collapse the ‘natural way’ or too cheap or broke to cut it down?

Tree Hugging Gone Too Far Time To Let Go -

Lorraine Dostal gave us a brief respite from potholes with a mini-architectural study. Notice the Olympic flames and the delicate relief work framing a doorway. This building is directly behind the tree hugger property.

Dostals Olympic Flame Several Olympic Flames Intricate Design

Westward bound – we passed the Lerner-Terzakis Mosquito Hatchery. One woman in the group thought the property should be turned into a community garden.

Lerner Mosquito Hatchery

On to building issues – It’s been like this for at least 2-3 years. Looks like the developer ran out of money and the building permits expired. 1626-28 W Fargo. The Fargo Chronicles

Wide Open Vacant Building Same Problem-Different Year Stop!

Here’s a twice secured home! These guard dogs let us know we were being observed.

Leetle Bitty Barking Dogs

Mother Nature provided the highlight of the walk - a rainbow over Lake Michigan.

Rainbow Over Lake Michigan Rainbow Over Lake Michigan Rainbow Over Lake Michigan Rainbow Over Lake Michigan


The North Coast said...

Community gardens are wonderful ways to utilize vacant lots, especially since it's not likely these lots are going to be developed anytime soon.

But you don't want to start one and spend the prodigious effort required to make it productive, just to have it jerked away from you by the rightful owner (whoever that may be)when things start to hop again. That would be, by my figuring, about 10 years from now.

People interested in doing this should form associations to buy these lots so they can have a permanent, unassailable claim on them. There are thousands of vacant lots in this city, enough to provide us with a substantial portion of our food supply, and the time to claim them is when real estate is in the dumps. And guess what, prices are probably going to go lower as more foreclosures, including developer foreclosures hit, which will be about another year. The 2nd quarter of 2009 is a record month for NODs, more of which have been filed this month than any other month ever. Those almost always become foreclosures.

Fargo said...

1626-28 Fargo was vacated 3 years ago. I remember when the last tenants moved out. Interior demolition and renovation have happened in fits and starts since then. 1640-42 looks worse and was vacated almost a year earlier.