April 29, 2009

Precaution Closes Rogers Park School

We have the dubious distinction of being the first reported spot in Chicago of possible swine flu case.

Don’t forget to tell people to stop spitting on the sidewalks of Rogers Park too. Remember tuberculosis is another air-borne disease. Since the spitting law was lifted all kinds of people are just spitting away...from the street person to suits on downtown streets. Ever hear of carrying tissues? They're less expensive than that designer coffee.

Next, what is the CTA planning to do to sanitize trains and buses? What’s being done on interstate buses, and Amtrak? Here’s a long article from the Chicago Tribune on the airlines


The North Coast said...

The spitting is beyond disgusting. If you aren't allowed to toss your trash on the walk, neither should you be permitted to spit.

Sanitizing CTA trains is next to impossible. Remember, the Red and Blue lines each haul 100,000 to 125,000 people a day, and you can't keep up with these people with the best effort in the world. Any rush hour train will move no fewer than 1200 people between Howard and 95th. That's 1200 people, a substantial number of whom have the manners of swine and will leave dirty tissue on the seats, drop full soda cans and big chunks of greasy food on the floors, scrawl graffiti on every flat surface, and sometimes do other things like, uh, release various body fluids.

If you are on a car or bus that someone has urinated or elsewise befouled, tell the train operator the car no. and s/he will report it so it can be pulled out of the train consist at the end of the line.

But rigorous interior cleaning of a car is time consuming and could never be done with the frequency needed to keep the cars really sanitary- unless CTA wants to double the number of cleaners.

Jillian said...

This sounds like a job for Neighbors For A Healthy Rogers Park.