April 29, 2009

Please Help At-Risk NOH Children And Vote For Willye

Special thanks and appreciation to Charlie and Karen

Four women who knew Willye White and worked with her on many projects attended our parks advisory council meeting last Tuesday. Ms. White has been nominated to be inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame. Sarah Armantrout, a long time friend of Ms. White, emailed the information and link to me so the council can assist in getting Chicagoans to vote for Ms. White.

After a few technical issues, the Willye White Park Advisory Council Fundraising Letter, developed for individuals and/or business owners to be partners in our efforts to provide special programs and financial assistance to our children, was also posted on RogersPark.com.

A great neighbor, Bill Morton, has volunteered his time and is developing a a web site sponsored by the City of Chicago so the council may promote programs and activities for the center and information on all three parks North of Howard. To date we have had matches to my initial $100 challenge to match or surpass. In fact, one neighbor who initially pledged $100 changed his mind and surpassed the challenge by raising his donation to $200!

We hope local and city organizations will help promote park programs for at-risk and underpriveleged children with a tax deductible donation with a check to Willye White Park Advisory Council. We have three parks North of Howard - Willye White, Triangle, and Harold Washington Memorial Playlot, so notations in the memo section should specify where the donation should be applied.

Please contact Eva McCann, elm@clstoons.com or me, howardwatchers@aol.com with any questions, event or special programming ideas you may have.

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