April 18, 2009

NOH Walkers and Park Sitters

Twelve neighbors and three canine friends came out for the Beat Walk tonight.

Walking on Paulina Walking and Talking Loitering a little Charlie and Louie - The BoJo Boys Buddy

We noted quality of life issues - safety issues like this ankle breaker at Jonquil and Paulina in front of the Laundromat.

Gaping Hole at Paulina/Jonquil

Here’s the problem building at 7712 N Ashland with the open gate and the alleged pass-thru window. Neighbors have observed drug transactions here for months. If the door is locked – just knock on the window.

7712 N Ashland Pass-Thru Window at 7712 N Ashland

The on-going issue of eat and drop and drink and drop littering by residents and tourists.

Landfill Trash

Apparently we were walking too slowly, had too many cameras, and in general were taking up too much sidewalk space for these young ladies. Ahh, remember those days of youth - being in a rush with no particular destination?

Excuse me ladies

Along the route, we heard from observers that the green service mail box on the 7700 block of Paulina was used to stash paintball guns. It’s door stood unlocked and wide open even though it was reported to the postal service a year ago. Drug drop off and pick up hideaways were also pointed out and noted.

All was peaceful at the Harold Washington Playlot.

Harold Washington Playlot

As is often the case, the most interesting part came after the walk. Some die-hards decided to loiter in White Park for awhile on a park bench. That decision interrupted a craps game. The players saw the die-hards coming from the south and a squad car cruising north in the alley and took off. They left their score sheet behind! The longer we sat, the emptier the north end of the park became.

The craps game resumed in the basketball court and was interrupted again when a squad and undercover car cruised through the park.

Please join the die-hard park sitters and NOH walkers!


Grammar Gal said...


It was an absolute pleasure for me, a resident of Beat 2423, to again join a Beat 2422 walk.

You were sure quick in showing your excellent pix of 'our lovely night on the town'!

I encourage every resident of every CPD beat in Rogers Park to join with your neighbors, as we all did last night.

There is power in numbers. If you are fed up with drug traficking and gangs in your part of Rogers Park, you CAN do something about it.

Organize a walk through your neighborhood. Be aware of what goes on in your neighorhood. And don't be afraid to take back the streets of your neighborhood.

If you see drug-dealing or anything else out of the ordinary in your neighborhood, remain calm and call 911.

And Toni--thank you and Eva McCann for organizing Beat 2422. It's a lot of work, but didn't it pay off nicely last night?

mcl said...

I have reported the green, unlocked Postal 'drop box' at the N. W. corner of Paulina and Jonquil, numerous times over the past 4-5 years with no results. I've talked to the Rogers Park P.O. Station as well as people at the Main Station down town. I've also asked the local Postal Carriers several times to report it. It has not been in use by the Postal Carriers for years and should be removed from the street.

Bill Morton said...

It was a great evening for our walk and talk. Events like this do make a difference in our community.

Toni said...

MCL - why don't you post the phone number so several of us can call?