April 11, 2009

NO - To House Bill 2703

Stop an Illinois Bill That Would Kill Cats

The Illinois House of Representatives is considering a bill that could drastically increase the number of cats impounded and killed in animal pounds and shelters. In 2008, those facilities killed 60,673 cats, according to data Alley Cat Allies obtained through the Freedom of Information Act; they returned only 2,991 cats to their owners. In spite of these horrendous statistics, H.B. 2703 would require animal control officers to impound any cat found "at large."

Lives Count, Secrets Kill Campaign

My cats are strictly indoor pets. However, some cat owners allow their kitties to go outdoors. Most cats rule their owners and will insist on outside ventures and if this law is passed, your indoor/outdoor cat could become a victim. No one will ever know how many cats secretly vanished in shelters.

When I first moved here, my late old girl, Daffy Cat sneaked out and was missing for two weeks in the cold snows of Christmas 2002. She was discovered hiding across the alley in a hollow tree. She had tired of her lifelong dream to be a huntress and was relieved to come home to cat food instead of mice. Her escape involved trips to shelters, paying a reward, a visit to the vet, and she gagged at the slimy yellow medicine to kill the parasites she had from eating mice. At 15 she apparently was still pretty quick on the pounce! Daffy enjoyed 4 more years of life lounging in her favorite spots.

Daffy at 15 still a kitten Christmas after the escape

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In November, 2007, Little Bitty was diagnosed with cancer. My feisty little girl passed away right after Christmas. Bitty and her three siblings were rescued with their mother and she chose me as her human mom. A petite 7 pounds, Little Bitty was always a source of entertainment as she ruled over her home. She was quite the snuggler too.

Little Bitty's KittyNap
After Bitty's death it was just me and MizAli for a while. My caretaking of two aging and dying kitties had taken a lot of attention from her. MizAli’s story can be found here.

In June of 2008 a neighbor and cat lover sent an email about finding a home for a lost kitten. Although I vowed ‘no more’ when I saw his picture I melted – again. Those who believe in reincarnation will understand. It was nearly 6 months from Bitty’s departure to Lover Boys arrival. His personality mirrors hers in so many ways. He came into the house and took over – an alpha male ruling the house who is also very lovable. Had the wrong people picked up this adorable kitten he probably would have been one of the sad statistics of those awful ‘outdoor cats’ the Illinois house bill seeks to abolish.

Guarding the cat food Mmmm...cans, lots of cans
Not so patiently waiting It's mine - all mine

One would hope that more effort is spent on spaying and neutering education rather than outright capture and killing of all outdoor cats. To assume that any cat outdoors is feral is incorrect and inexcusable. It could happen to your cat.

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ortis said...

I love cats and this comment doesn't necessarily apply to this piece of legislation, but feral and domestic cats allowed to roam outside are decimating the earth's songbird population.
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