April 17, 2009

Gordon Running Again?

An email message from Don Gordon:

"Stewart is picking this up from someone other than me. Good investigative journalism would dictate that he at least ask me at some point rather than rely on just second-hand sources before he makes such a bold and declarative statement. I won't deny that I've talked to a number of people over the past couple months to solicit feedback from those whose opinion I value. Suffice it to say that with the election almost 2 years off, I'm still in the explorative stage. However, I won't deny that I'm seriously considering another run again, but it will be a number of months yet before I can feel comfortable in determining whether there's sufficient support. I won't run just to seek a job. I'll run only if I feel there's a wide base of support again in the community that wants me to be a candidate in 2011."

One thing we know for sure, Don runs every day!

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