April 1, 2009

Food For Thought....

It’s an age old herb that has been used for medicinal treatments and in certain religious rituals for centuries. It doesn’t matter much to me who has smoked, inhaled, or baked it in brownies. What matters are some of the points brought forward by Clarence Page on Reefer Economics - Chicago Tribune.

The US is in debt past the ozone to China. We’re bailing out banks and the auto industry while attempting to put the brakes on the downward spiral – but increasing income tax in Illinois (or any other state) isn’t a brilliant concept in the middle of a recession. There are enough people without employment, there are too many scamming the system with SSI, free or reduced rent and you know the rest. If you don’t, start investigating.

Mr. Page points out the failure of Prohibition and the massive expense to enforce local laws versus keeping the illegal foreign drug cartels from making billions thanks to politicians wringing their hands.

As it is, the issue is not manageable. Perhaps its time to get a grip on the illegal reefer industry with a profitable tax and sensible laws. Just food for thought.

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The North Coast said...

Agree with every word of your post.

We lost the "war" on drugs long ago.All we've managed to do is turn the country into a gulag with the highest rate of incarceration in the world and create the richest criminal cartels in the world, while corrupting our law enforcement and justice system.

We haven't deterred anyone from using this stuff who is really motivated to obtain it. But we have perhaps made dealing it lucrative enough to motivate dealers to go after kids and anyone else.

A reasonable multi-tiered regulation system that recognizes the various levels of impairment produced by each drug, in combination with appropriate taxes, would relieve us of a huge cost and help out with the tax revenues, while making the stuff vastly cheaper and depriving the criminals of their profits.

And it just might make it easier to keep it away from minors. It would certainly make it easier for an addict to get treatment.