April 9, 2009

The First NOH Walk 2009

Thanks to all the neighbors who joined us on our first North of Howard Walk tonight. A special shout out to those supporters who reside in other beats, Bernard of Beat 2424 and Network 2424, Lorraine, Laurene, Eve, Bill and his friends, and the mystery reporter. And of course, Commander David Sobczyk and the officers.

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Roll Call was held in front of Sandy’s on Howard Street and the walk began.

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The group walk took a break in the park before continuing to the monthly CAPS meeting.

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Over the past few weeks Willye White Park has undergone an impressive transformation. I haven’t noticed any dice games or anyone swigging liquor from brown paper bags on park benches. This afternoon a woman and her children were barbecuing ribs, a softball game was in progress and the basketball court was active. It's taking on the appearance of a real neighborhood park and with the help of positive activities by neighbors it will thrive.



Fargo said...

It's great to hear about and see positive changes. Thanks for all your hard work to help make it possible.

Grammar Gal said...

It was a great 'Walk and Talk', and an even greater meeting!

The turnout was higher than expected at the meeting (standing room only).

The entire area, as I understand, was flyered.

My question: How is it so many people we met on the street had no idea of why we were all there and why we were walking?

Congratulations to ALL involved in the success of this 'Walk and Talk', which should become a regular item on every Chicago neighborhood's agenda.

Bill Morton said...

Great event.

Excellent photography.

Thank you.

Toni said...

GG - The flyers were printed in advance of the decision to include a walk before the meeting. Eva and I pledged to get the flyers printed in advance ask for help from neighbors.

In March it rained nearly every night and we were out the night before the meeting flyering. That's a lot of blocks to cover between 7-9 PM. But two people pitched in and we got most of the area.

We have a series of NOH and SOH walks on the calendar and hopefully as spring turns to summer more people will join.

A special flyer announcing the walk before the meeting was sent to Northpoint to post inside their buildings.