April 18, 2009

Enjoy Your Clean Park!

Here is a strong argument to ban take-out food if neighbors can’t find the trash can. The larger bag to the left is my first of two trash bags. Any speculation on the dark spot?

Eat, Toss and Urinate? Trash Can Nearby Ban Fast Foods!

Since the picnic tables were abused, this remaining steel park bench must be a tote and toss spot now. For a few hours, it will be presentable to small children. The park wasn’t too littered thankfully!

Leetle Beety Drug Baggies Drug Baggies Leetle Beety Drug Baggie Willye B White Park Clean-up 4.18.09

One person attending a parks council meeting chastised the Park District and Council(s) for removing the chess tables. Sorry sir, if you abuse it – you lose it. A year ago this area was a drug dealing, poker playin’, craps tossin’ hot spot. The chairs were busted and looked like crap. It’s gone and good riddance. There’s a chess club in the Center for those truly interested in the game.

Willye B White Park Clean-up 4.18.09 Willye B White Park Clean-up 4.18.09

Thanks to the clean up crew – Mike Luckenbach, Paula Basta, Eva McCann and Tim Jackson!

Luckenbach, Basta, McCann, Jackson

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loulou said...

I found it disappointing to see that by 7:00 PM there was plenty of litter all over WW park. Thanks for your efforts, though.