April 21, 2009

The Crown Prince Of Incompetency - Toddler

Editorial Commentary - The Sun-Times:

"6. You said you didn't learn about the extent of Cole's troubled background until roughly two weeks ago, just before you fired him. Given your knowledge of Cole's background in Georgia, why didn't you ensure a background check was done before you hired him? Why didn't you demand a background check when you learned of his arrest in Chicago, several months ago?

7. Were you concerned for the safety of other county employees each time the county allowed Cole to return to work? In all this, we want to make one thing clear: This isn't about personalities. This is about managerial competence and the public trust.
Stroger can start answering these questions to prove to taxpayers that he's the man to lead the county.

Or he can start looking for another job."

Why is it that there are hearings to appoint politicians to posts at higher government levels - yet in Crook County apparently there aren’t even such common sense practices like background checks?

Come on commissioners, taxpayers are forking out the salaries here, don’t we deserve better than this? Implement background checks now and toss in mandatory drug testing too. If volunteers for certain government entities have to be subjected to both, why aren’t the paid government employees?

The machine hacks that pushed him into office should be forced to resign too. The taxpayers should bill the machine for fraud and extortion because that’s all we’ve gotten for our hard-earned money.

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