April 23, 2009

Bridge Over Troubled Bosworth

Hum along!

Bridge Over Troubled Bosworth

Lake Bosworth Lake Bosworth

Lake Bosworth has been in existence for years. This latest backup has been here for weeks in the form of ice and standing water. Where's the super plunger for this plugged storm sewer?

A few weeks ago Howard Street got plunged, rodded, and plunged again. What happened, did they just push it all down Bosworth?

This pile of slime and a monster beer can were pulled from the storm sewer on Bosworth/Howard a few weeks ago. Yet those who are hell bent on destroying the neighborhood don’t get it when they see workers pulling this gunk from sewers. They’re just huge drains like the kitchen sink.

If one pours enough grease down the drain from those unhealthy frying pans the plumber has to drag this gunk out so the water will flow. God only knows how the beer can got in the system without prying a grate and tossing it in.


Howard Street must have really been clogged. Special crews/trucks worked on it over the past several weeks.

GEDC0021 GEDC0022

I do not envy this man’s job.


Any money left for poor old Bosworth? It's been years guys.

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